Addiction and PTSD: Co-dependency

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Addiction and PTSD: Co-dependency

Many people going through addiction may have multiple layers of their struggle to contend with. In many cases, addiction comes accompanied with other traumatic burdens, therefore making it harder to overcome the addiction alone. One of these struggles is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a mental disorder stemming from previous traumatic experiences. Such symptoms of PTSD can include nightmares, reliving the event, hyperarousal, destructive behavior, and many other physical, mental, and social effects. This condition is hard to control, and even harder if addiction is trapped in the mix. But with the proper love, care, and guidance, one can overcome the pains of addiction and PTSD in order to live a full life again. And that is exactly what we provide at our Delray Recovery Center provide.


How PTSD affects Addiction

Before we can begin treating the conditions, we have to first ask how do PTSD and Addiction relate? Well, often times addiction arises from medication prescribed to the person suffering from PTSD. Other patients might have been addicted prior to PTSD, due to either self-medication or narcotic usage. But no matter how it starts, when combined PTSD and addiction can affect the patient in ways neither could have alone. The Drug of choice may increase any symptoms of PTSD, such as hallucinations and paranoia. This type of situation is referred to as “Dual Diagnosis.” This involves a mental illness as well as an addiction disorder.

PTSD and Addiction


How we help you overcome Addiction and PTSD

Florida Recovery Group understands that in order to overcome the complications of dual disorders, they require the professional assistance in order to handle the various struggles. That is why our Delray Recovery Center provides Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). RRT is a service meant to therapeutically help each patient who is suffering from effects brought on by Post Traumatic periods in their life. Our RRT staff has the right level of understanding for each type of mental and physical disorder that can come up out of addiction and PTSD. Everyone handles them differently. But no one is too far gone that they cannot get help at the roots of their co-occurring problems.
If you are struggling with Addiction or PTSD, please don’t wait to contact us. We carry both intelligent and caring staff members and therapists at our Delray Recovery Center.