The Benefits of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

In the quest for sobriety, there are many coping skills that a recovering addict has to learn or relearn. One of those skills is the ability to find peace while sober. Our counselors have provided drug and alcohol treatment for many individuals who expressed concerns over their ability to unwind and enjoy life while remaining over the influence. To help our clients find peace and develop a strong sense of self, the Florida Recovery Center staff recommends yoga. The benefits of yoga in addiction recovery are numerous and can contribute to a healthier path for people recovering from substance abuse. Some of those benefits include:


Physical Recovery

Our clients sometimes come to us with strong signs of physical pain. Their addictions have not only robbed them of their emotional and mental health, but often times it has weakened them physically as well. Yoga helps with this aspect of recovery by getting the body moving in a gentle manner. Pacing is relaxed, the moves are deliberate and the poses are done according to the physical ability of the individual. Breathing in yoga is designed to help relax your body and muscles. Most clients leave a yoga or meditation session feeling much more relaxed and in control of their body than they did before. That feeling normally translates into more restful sleep at night, which correlates with better recovery as well. 

Unlike an intense activity like fitness bootcamp or boxing, yoga can be practiced by anyone, even those in poor health and those with physical limitations. The moves are basic and slow. The pace is relaxed and there are no complicated routines to follow. After becoming familiar with the basics of yoga, more challenging forms of yoga are easy to learn and master.



As we mentioned above, many people in treatment believe they have lost the ability to relax without the use of drugs or alcohol. Yoga is a great tool to help them rediscover ways to relax without the use of substances or alcohol. Some of the fundamentals of yoga teach how to being present in the moment and focus on the here-and-now, which helps patients tremendously while going through the detox stage of treatment. Also, by focusing on the present, patients can let go of stressors of that have lead them to treatment. At the very least, yoga helps recovering addicts curb the urge to reminisce on the past and keeps them moving forward one day at a time.


Prevent Relapse

The potential for relapse is a real concern among those beginning their recovery journey. A main benefit of yoga for addiction recovery is its influence on preventing a relapse. It is an activity that can you can take with you and use long after you leave treatment, which makes it a highly valuable skill to acquire while in rehab. When the stress happens, our clients can fall back on their yoga knowledge and practice it to lessen their chances for relapse. Instead of turning to old ways to cope with triggers and stress, our clients can use yoga to center themselves, focus on the present and move forward in a healthy way.

There are many ways to manage your sobriety and yoga is just one. If you are looking for a treatment center that will focus your mental, emotional and physical health, call the recovery specialists at Florida Recovery Group. We would love to help you start your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.