Choosing a Rehab Center with Job Placement Services


Life after rehab can be scary. But, if you choose the right addiction treatment center, you will find that it doesn’t have to be. At Florida Recovery Group, we have career counselors on staff dedicated to helping you find employment you can sustain once you exit rehab. We know finding a job after rehab is tough, especially when your addiction may have been the driving reason you lost a job, were chronically unemployed or even homeless. Our team is experienced in career coaching and their job is to help you create or revise your resume, enroll in continuing education courses, prepare for interviews and more.


Why you should consider career services when choosing a recovery center.

Many times, people with addictions have had intermittent or long gaps of unemployment. The reasons for those gaps, while obvious, can sometimes be hard to explain to a potential employer. Fortunately there are many employers willing to overlook past addiction issues and will offer jobs to people on the path to lifelong sobriety. Our career counselors can guide you through how to explain your employment history and even suggest employers with a history of giving people a second chance.


Another reason to consider a drug treatment program with career services is more emotional than financial. Unemployment is a blow to the ego for people without addictions, let alone those with addictions. Many people may feel embarrassed or ashamed over what lead to their inability to best medicines for depression and mistaken believe that a successful career is out of reach because of their past. However, with the guidance of a career coach, you will see that is it possible to rebuild your career as you rebuild your life.


Select a program with the right job placement services.

As we mentioned above, there are many employers who will gladly hire someone in the beginning stages of recovery. Many recovering addicts are especially grateful the for opportunity and work very hard to reach new goals and milestones in their recovery.


It is important to note that a career counselor can help you find employment, but it may be temporary, temp-to-hire or entry-level. The money may not be the greatest, but it is an excellent opportunity to work hard and rise through the company if given the chance. Also, it is the job of your career counselor to help you manage your expectations and guide you through the process of getting and keeping your first job out of rehab.


How likely is it to find a job after recovery?

Our career counselors understand the commitment required to juggle new sobriety with a new job. As a result, we strive to ensure your first position out of recovery is one that will not place an undue amount of stress on you. Your first priority is sobriety and a stressful job could derail the path to recovery. We help you ease back into the job market gradually, which ultimately will help your recovery.


Realistically, there may be times when it is hard for someone in recovery to find a job. Whether it is due to a down economy or felony convictions, it can be an uphill battle to find a job. A career counselor will help you navigate the job market and give you advice during the tough times. Fortunately, if you choose Florida Recovery Center to begin your sober life, you can rest on the fact that we have a 90% job placement rate for our clients. So even if you do not get the first opportunity that comes your way, chances are you WILL get some placement to help you begin rebuilding your life.


Addiction is not the end of your career. Let the Florida Recovery Center help you get clean and back on the career path.