Understanding the Cost of Rehab in Delray Beach, FL

how much does rehab cost

Understanding the Cost of Rehab in Delray Beach, FL

Addiction and alcoholism are both difficult diseases to deal with, requiring professional substance abuse treatment. Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand the cost of rehab, preventing them from getting the help they need. If you or a loved one struggle from substance abuse, do not let the cost of rehab prevent you from recovering.

While rehab can be costly, many rehab programs in Delray Beach, FL accept insurance, offer financial aid, or include financing options. Still, the most important thing is that you find the right rehab for you. Continue reading to understand the cost of rehab and learn more about your financing options.

Types of Addiction Rehab Programs & How Much They Cost

Each type of rehab program differs by which services are offered, making the cost of each program vary. To explain, the amenities and extent of medical care provided during a rehab program in Delray Beach will affect the cost of rehab. Let’s take a look at the most common forms of drug and alcohol rehab programs to get an idea of estimated rehab costs.


Most inpatient rehab programs in Delray Beach, FL include detox in the cost of the program. However, outpatient detox services may range from $1,000 to $1,500 in total without insurance. It is important to note that the cost of detox depends on whether it’s included in an inpatient service, or if it’s used as a stand-alone program. Additionally, some individuals may require more services during detox depending on the substance of abuse and the severity of their addiction. This can cause the cost of detox to increase.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab in Florida is known as the most expensive option. However, this form of addiction treatment is also the most effective. For example, some inpatient rehab programs may cost approximately $6,000 for a 30-day program. On the other hand, upscale and well-known programs may cost upwards of $20,000 for a 30-day program. Individuals requiring 60 to 90-day programs may be facing total average costs ranging from $12,000 to $60,000. Fortunately, inpatient rehab facilities in Delray Beach, FL accept most insurance carriers, making inpatient rehab affordable.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab in Florida is known to be cheaper than inpatient rehab. This is because outpatient rehab is meant for mild or moderate addictions and provides less structure and amenities than inpatient programs. For example, a three-month outpatient program may cost around $5,000. However, the price of outpatient rehab depends on how often the individual is scheduled to attend therapy and groups at the center. For example, some outpatient programs can cost up to $10,000. While these prices may seem high, insurance is typically accepted at outpatient treatment centers – making the cost significantly lower.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Rehab?

The cost of rehab in Delray Beach, FL can vary significantly depending on a number of factors.

The Type of Rehab Center

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest factors in rehab costs depend on the type of program. For example, inpatient rehab in Florida is known to be more expensive than outpatient rehab programs. This is because the costs of housing and intensive care are increasingly higher for inpatient programs when compared to outpatient rehab.

Additionally, the cost of addiction treatment programs will depend on the length of stay and location. To explain, rehab programs located in states with higher costs of living, like California, will cost significantly more.

The Forms of Treatments Offered

Depending on the individual patient’s needs, the cost of rehab will increase or decrease. For example, some individuals require less medical care, therapy, or detox than others. Additionally, certain therapies that aren’t standard to addiction treatment, like professional counseling, may increase the price of rehab in Delray Beach, FL.

The Amenities Offered

Treatment centers that offer additional amenities will cost more than others. Some rehab programs in Florida may offer amenities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, swimming pools, tennis courts, professional chefs, or even luxury housing. To explain further, celebrities and businessmen or women often choose to attend luxury rehab. Luxury rehabs, as suggested by the name, are more expensive than typical rehab programs in Delray Beach. In other words, the cost of drug or alcohol treatment will increase as the amenities increase in luxury.

How to Find Affordable Rehab

If you have health insurance, most rehab programs in Florida accept a variety of different insurance carriers. In fact, insurance is the most popular way for individuals to afford rehab. However, insurance will not cover the full cost of rehab. To explain, the costs that insurance covers depend on the insurer and what the health provider accepts.

Types of insurance that typically cover addiction rehab costs include:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Military insurance

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford insurance. If you do not have insurance, there are still options for you to find affordable rehab in Florida. Low-income rehab, or nonprofit and state-funded rehab, is intended to help individuals who can not afford the typical costs of addiction treatment in Delray Beach, FL. Fortunately, when an individual meets the criteria for low-income rehab, many programs are free or reduced in cost. This allows every addict or alcoholic to receive the care, support, and foundation of recovery they need.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Delray Beach, FL

If you or a loved one are in need of affordable rehab in Delray Beach, look no further. Florida Recovery Group will provide you with the tools you need to stay sober while making it a priority to find you the most affordable option. Contact us today for more information on insurance and financing options for our drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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