How to Create Your Own Sober Lifestyle After Sober Living

sober after sober living

How to Create Your Own Sober Lifestyle After Sober Living

When someone struggles with addiction, they are affected in so many ways. Their physical and mental health suffers, important relationships are strained, and they may suffer financial and social consequences that last a long time. Many people rely on addiction treatment to free themselves of the physical and emotional aspects of addiction. While it cannot be cured, addiction can be treated, and people can learn vital skills to manage it for the rest of their lives.

Part of managing addiction means finding the right environment to practice sobriety. This is especially important in the early days after addiction treatment is done. Sober living communities give people the chance to live their day-to-day life surrounded by the support of a sober community. It allows them to strengthen their skills and build self-confidence.

After leaving a sober living community, people need to remain active in their recovery to protect their goal of lifelong sobriety. This takes planning, commitment, and the ability to find new purpose and joy in recovery.

Easing the Transition After Sober Living

The first and most important thing you can do to protect your recovery is to make sure you are truly ready to leave sober living. Make sure you have stable, safe housing available, and have a relapse-prevention plan in place before leaving.

Identify things that you are excited about. These may be people you want to spend more time with, events you will attend, or even just the prospect of spending time in your home. Make a plan for how and when you will return to work. Spend time building your support network before leaving so that you can return to your post-sober living life with confidence.

Finding Purpose After Sober Living

Finding a new purpose is important. You may return to work, family responsibilities, or other obligations. While these can be meaningful, it is also important to find time to think about what your life will contain without the focus of addiction and treatment. This might include:

  • Think about what brings you joy and satisfaction–this might be a new hobby or renewing a forgotten interest
  • Creating a routine to make sure you have enough time for your obligations and self-care
  • Return to work or find a way to contribute, such as volunteering or mentoring
  • Set new goals–make them realistic and achievable, and celebrate your accomplishments

With a little thought and preparation, life after treatment or sober living can be healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying.

Simple Steps to Creating a Sober Lifestyle

During treatment and in sober living, the center of your life is sobriety. You talk about addiction, spend time learning skills to manage it, and are surrounded by people who are also active in the journey of recovery from addiction.

When you leave treatment, you may feel anxious, excited, confident, or have a range of other feelings that might vary from day to day. It might feel overwhelming to leave the highly structured environment of treatment and sober living. Plan ahead to avoid some of the stress that comes along with a big life change like this.

  • Making a new schedule for yourself
  • Continue to care for your mental and physical health–eat regular, nutritious meals, go to therapy, find movement you enjoy, and join a local addiction support group
  • Contribute to your community
  • Spend time with supportive friends and family
  • Nurture or develop new healthy relationships

Many people also find that they have to plan ahead for certain events, seasons, or even just spending time with certain people. Make a plan for how you will protect your sobriety when the people around you are drinking or using drugs. This might include having a sober buddy join you, bringing your own beverages, ensuring you can leave whenever you need to, or choosing to skip the gathering altogether.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of starting over after sober living. Focus on developing a good support system, making time for self-care, and staying active in your recovery.

Learn The Tools You Need for Sustained Sobriety at Florida Recovery Group

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You do not have to manage your addiction or recovery alone. At the Florida Recovery Group, we know that with the right support and treatment, you can overcome addiction and go on to lead the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve. We put our heart into everything we do and are here to help you, too.

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