Benefits of Delray Sober Living Homes

Diving right back into your old routine after completing substance abuse treatment is not something recommended by anyone who has either been through treatment or works at a treatment facility. When you’re coming up on your final days of rehab in Florida, it will begin to set in that you are indeed getting ready to leave the only structured environment that supports your recovery. That’s when sober living homes come in handy.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home isn’t necessarily as structured as a treatment facility as many residents can come and go as they please. Now, with that being said, you’re probably wondering the ideal amount of time a recovering addict spends in sober living post-treatment. Well, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that you spend 90 days in a sober living facility once you’ve left treatment.

It’s important to know that Delray sober living homes, although more lax, do have house rules to abide by, but those mostly revolve around enforcing curfew as well as continued attendance during group meetings. Attending group meetings is highly suggested as studies have shown aftercare programs increase one’s chances at maintaining a healthy and sober life once they’ve completed treatment.

Facts About Relapse

In case you weren’t properly educated on the risk of relapse for a recovering addict, let us put down some of the numbers for you.

  • 50 percent of recovering addicts relapse after their first time in treatment.
  • You’re not considered to have sustained recovery until you’re sober for four to five years.
  • The first 90 days after treatment are the most critical in maintaining sobriety.
  • Half of those who enlist in initial treatment will be readmitted within the first five years of their sobriety.

Now, you don’t want to let yourself become a statistic for substance abuse which is why aftercare programs are so important. Aside from the 90 meetings in 90 days, give yourself the extra support if you have completed your initial treatment in the Delray Beach, FL area and stay in a sober living home that has all the comforts you need to remain sober. If you stay with in treatment center or  sober living facility like Florida Recovery Group you have better odds maintaining a sober lifestyle that seemed like a dream just a few months or weeks ago!