What is an Extended Care Facility?

The journey of recovery never truly ends, and just because someone is done with intensive, in-patient treatment doesn’t mean that they don’t need help anymore.  It can be scary to immediately try to re-enter the world after rehab, and do so soberly.  Some people simply can’t make that transition immediately.  That’s where extended care facilities come in.

An Extension of Treatment

An extended care facility can be great for people who are done with a bulk of their recovery, but still require some help making the transition to daily life.  An extended care facility allows addicts to start to live normally with the help of a safety net to catch them if they slip up.

Readily Available Counseling

An outpatient sober living facility is supposed to be for addicts who more or less have a handle on their addiction, however, not everyone who is released from rehab will have the strength to stay sober.  If your loved one is prone to relapse, there will be a strong emotional and medical support team to save them if they make a mistake.

Useful for Everyone

Even if your loved one seems confident in their ability to beat their addiction without the help of an extended care facility, living in one can only help their recovery.  One of the biggest mistakes that recovering addicts make is thinking that they can get sober alone, and relying completely on yourself to stay sober is a lot of pressure.  Living in extended care is the better-safe-than-sorry approach to post-treatment sober living and should be heavily considered as a viable housing option for recovering addicts.

Designed to Make Life Easy

At Florida Recovery Group, we understand that the path to addiction is fraught with stress, worry, and pain, which leads people to developing the habits that unfortunately land them in such dire circumstances.  Extended care and sober living facilities have amenities like outdoor relaxation areas, 24-hour security, spacious rooms, job placement help, and even gym memberships, all designed for your comfort and to make your recovery as easy as possible.

Recovery is difficult, so don’t do it by yourself.  Just because you’ve graduated from rehab doesn’t mean that you’re done healing.  Call Florida Recovery Group today for more information on sober living and extended care facilities in the Delray Beach area.