Finding A Sponsor

A sponsor is an individual that is your go to person during your alcohol treatment. Finding a sponsor is not hard because there are plenty of people that have struggled and won the fight against alcohol in their lives. Here are some of the traits you need to look for when choosing a sponsor.

Ability To Listen

During recovery you need someone to talk to about your problems. A good sponsor is a great listener. They are there for you when you need to vent and express your feelings during the course of attaining a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Flexible Schedule

A sponsor needs to be available when you need them. While being able to talk on the phone is one thing, some people need a sponsor that can come by their home sometimes day or night if something serious is happening such as the urge to pick up the bottle. Although some people are well meaning, a sponsor that doesn’t have good availability can be a problem.

Ability To Be Honest

The role of the sponsor is to hold you accountable for your actions. Honesty can hurt but it is necessary to break the cycle of addiction. If you are messing up then your sponsor needs to have the ability to be honest with you about it being your fault.

Good Observation Skills

A sponsor should have some ability to spot behavior and comments that point towards thoughts of drinking again. This can be a sensitive point with those that are struggling because they can feel vulnerable to criticism. A great sponsor will know how to spot behaviors and talk the sporsoree through issues, so they don’t relapse into destructive behaviors.

Personal Experience Or Counseling Training

The best sponsors come from a place of professional training or personal experience with alcohol treatment. Many sponsors have recovered from alcoholism themselves. Some sponsors may not have had a drink in more than 20 years, but they still remember what it was like to struggle with an alcohol addiction.

Being Honest With Your Sponsor

It is important always to be honest with a sponsor. If you have other addictions, then they need to know this part of your story so they can help you the best way possible. Struggling with multiple addictions can be hard but with time, dedication, and the right support network, it is possible to be free of addiction once and for all.

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How To Find A Sponsor