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How to Tell if Someone Needs Heroin Treatment

Know the signs of heroin use before it’s too late


We’ve all heard about the surge in heroin use in America in the last decade. It’s being described as a national epidemic, and for good reason- the effects of heroin are life-threatening. For parents especially, it’s useful to know the signs of heroin abuse so that proper intervening actions can be taken.


Signs that Someone Needs Heroin Treatment



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The most popular way that heroin is used is through injection. If a syringe is found and there’s no medical reason for a person to have one, that’s a pretty big sign that there’s a problem. A syringe is usually found along with a spoon, lighter, belt or rope, and cotton ball.


It’s less common for heroin to be smoked or snorted, but it does happen. Finding aluminum foil pieces and a device to inhale (like a straw or rolled up dollar bill) and candles or lighters would be a good indication that someone is smoking heroin.


Physical Signs of Heroin Use

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Heroin makes pupils constrict for hours after use. A gaunt appearance is also common, but significant weight gain can also be a sign. A decline in mental sharpness due to the crash experienced after euphoria. The more severe side of this drowsiness is called “nodding off”, and it’s characterized by drifting in and out of consciousness.


Track marks are a sign that a person is injecting heroin. These are small injection marks usually found on a person’s arms but they can also be found on other places of the body, like between the toes or on the neck.


Behavioral Changes

A withdraw from social events or general lack of interest in being social is an indication that a person may be dealing with a drug problem. People addicted to heroin may engage in behavior that they’re not proud of, like stealing, lying, and breaking the law. Use your knowledge of how they used to behave as a gauge of how severe the differences are.
Heroin use is a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Look out for your loved ones and get them the help they need, even if they threaten to cut you out of their lives. They need your help. Florida Recovery Group is an addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida that provides holistic drug treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare treatment, and more. Give us a call today.   

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