Hope for the New Year: A Testament of Addiction recovery

Mother holding hand with child after overcoming opiate addiction

Hope for the New Year: A Testament of Addiction recovery

The New Year is a time for reflection and renewal. It is a time for hope to come alive. However, for one Arizona Mom, Hope came in an unexpected way. Dejah Hall’s story of recovery has gone viral recently across news and social media. For the longest time, Dejah was addicted to various narcotics. Starting with the party scene in college, she soon found herself taking heroin, cocaine, and methadone. The traps of both stimulant and opiate addiction made it hard for her to raise her own child, and it wasn’t until one Christmas with her grandfather that the seeds of sobriety became a reality.



Dejah had a very powerful meeting with her grandfather on his birthday. When she came to visit, he told her how much it pained him to see her like this. Dejah said that she went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and saw who she really had become. This prompted her to make a promise to her grandfather that she will get sober.



As recovery goes, things are often messy and imperfect. Dejah was arrested on a felony charge. While in prison, she took the opportunity to get sober. However, two weeks after his birthday, Dejah’s grandfather passed away. This loss further prompted her to keep her promise and get sober. She says that she wishes that he could see her now.


Progress and Prosperity

Dejah is now working on her Christian studies at Grand Canyon University, and is planning to become a prison minister to assist other people struggling with addiction. So far her ability to inspire others has been soaring. Her story of sobriety has gone viral, reaching people all around the world.



With the end of the year often being a stressful time, especially for those of us in recovery looking for the strength, Dejah is living proof that the struggles of addiction can be overcome. Whether it is stimulant and opiate addiction like Dejah’s, or alcoholism and pain medication, stories like these show that addiction does not have the final say. This new year, may a new hope come to everyone in his or her journey towards recovery.

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