How Much Does Sober Living Cost in Delray Beach?

cost of sober living in Delray Beach

How Much Does Sober Living Cost in Delray Beach?

Sober living homes are transitional housing residences reserved for people who have completed a rehab program and are trying to stay sober. They aim to help bridge the gap from inpatient rehab to independent living by offering a safe, supportive, and drug and alcohol-free environment in which recovering addicts and alcoholics can live.

Unlike treatment, sober living is not covered by insurance. As a result, many people are concerned about how much sober living costs. Fortunately, the cost of sober living in Delray Beach is fairly affordable and completely manageable, so long as you stay responsible and sober.

Understanding How Sober Living Homes Operate

The majority of sober living homes in Delray Beach are self-sustaining. This means all members of the household are responsible for paying rent. Even sober homes that are associated with treatment centers require you to pay for your cost of living.

Requiring you to pay rent is not only so the managers of the sober home can make a living, but also to cover fees associated with managing the home. For example, utilities like water, gas, trash, and electricity are often included in the price of rent. And, many sober homes have laundry on-site, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of going to a laundromat. Some sober living homes in Delray Beach even offer transportation to and from counseling sessions or local 12-Step meetings.

The dues you are responsible for paying also go to the general upkeep of the home. Sober living management will be in charge of fixing repairs, such as a failing A/C, clogged toilets, or broken dishwasher. These repairs are needed in any living environment, and they cost money to complete.

The good news is that since you usually have a roommate and share the home with several other individuals, sober living is actually more affordable than living on your own.

How Do People Afford The Cost of Sober Living in Delray Beach?

Most sober homes in South Florida are associated with nearby addiction treatment centers. When you complete a treatment program, they may set you up with a local sober living home. And, many of these sober homes will let you pay rent on a monthly or weekly basis.

Understandably, you may not have a job lined up or any savings tucked away by the time you are ready to leave rehab, so many sober homes will give you a 2-week grace period during which you can pay back your rent later. Breaking down rent into weekly payments may make paying rent more manageable for you, especially in the beginning.

Most sober living homes in Delray Beach require you to have a job while living there or be actively searching for employment. Once you are employed, you can begin paying your back rent that accumulated during your grace period and catch up on current rent each week.

Depending on your circumstances, the sober home may extend this grace period or help you come up with an alternate type of private-pay arrangement. Some sober living homes are also connected with state resources or charitable foundations that will provide you with a scholarship for your first few weeks or months at the sober home.

While paying rent can be an added stressor, especially in early sobriety, it is a way of life that you may have to deal with if you don’t own a home. Sober living environments exist to help you transition back to independent living, and paying for your living expenses is an integral part of independent living.

Find The Sober Living Home That is Right For You

You shouldn’t let your fear of how you will pay for sober living stop you from seeking the supportive and sober environment you need to continue your sobriety. Remember, the cost of sober living in Delray Beach is much cheaper than living on your own because of the shared space and utilities, so you may actually be able to save money and afford an even nicer place down the road!

Whether you have already completed rehab and are looking for a sober living near you or you have yet to begin your recovery journey, our team at Florida Recovery Group is here to help. Give us a call today.

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