5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Sober Living

how to succeed in sober living

5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Sober Living

Making the transition from rehab to sober living can be scary. You may be fearful of facing triggers or you may simply be scared of the unknown. Regardless, it’s important to make the most out of your time in sober living as this time will become the foundation of your recovery. Here are five tips to help you succeed in sober living.

1. Be Respectful to Your Housemates

While in sober living you may share your room with one other person, but you may have to share the rest of the home with up to 4-6 other people. Having one roommate can be challenging enough, but more than that can make things complicated. Everyone will have a different schedule, different preferences, and different personalities. In order for the entire home to function in harmony, all housemates must be respectful of one another.

A few ways to be respectful of your housemates include:

  • Not playing music or the TV too loud
  • Being quiet late at night and early in the morning
  • Knocking on doors before entering
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Not eating anyone else’s food
  • Listening to your housemates’ concerns if they have any

When everyone in the home is getting along, the home will be a calm, supportive, and positive environment for recovery.

2. Befriend Your Roommates and House “Mom” or “Dad”

Being respectful to your housemates is one thing, but befriending them is another. Try to find things you have in common with your housemates and ways to connect with them. Invite them to go to a 12-step meeting with you or to get together for a weekly dinner. It’s a lot easier to live with people when you are friends with them, and the friendships you develop while in sober living can help support your recovery, as well.

In addition to making meaningful connections with your housemates, you should also try to foster a relationship with your house “mom” or “dad.” This is usually the person who lives in the home, enforces the rules, and collects rent and/or reports back to the owners of the sober living home. If you are constantly in conflict with your house mom or house dad, it may make your life difficult.

3. Follow The House Rules

All sober living homes have rules and regulations in place to keep the home safe and supportive for all house members. Some of these rules include coming home by curfew, doing your chores, taking weekly drug tests, and paying rent on time. These rules are in place for the safety and well-being of everyone in the home, so it’s vital that you follow them.

Following the rules will not only make your life easier, but it will make everything in the home run smoother for everyone involved. If you begin breaking rules, you will face repercussions. For example, you may be put on an early curfew, preventing you from staying out as late as you’d like. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you could get kicked out of the home.

No matter how hard it may be, be sure to follow the rules if you want to succeed in sober living.

4. Regularly Put Money Into a Savings Account

Sober living homes provide safe, supportive, and structured settings in which people can continue their recovery. However, going to sober living isn’t all about abstaining from drugs and alcohol–it’s also about getting your affairs back in order. Many people who go to sober living do so because they need supportive housing, do not have their own home to go to, and/or have a poor credit score or rental history. Moreover, most people who just come out of rehab are a little low on cash.

Since you won’t stay in sober living forever, it is a good idea to tuck away some money for savings. Every time you get your paycheck, set a certain amount aside for future housing or investments. Sober living homes tend to be cheaper than private housing, so this is a perfect time to add some extra padding to your savings account. Your wallet will thank you!

5. Attend Meetings and Your Scheduled Therapy Sessions

Following the rules and respecting the home is important, but what you do outside of sober living is important, too. Be sure to attend regular 12-Step meetings to protect your sobriety and attend any scheduled therapy sessions you may have. These activities will help you cope with difficulties and provide you with a different type of support that may not be available in your sober home. They will also help you keep your recovery on track so you can succeed while staying in a sober living home.

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