What is Individualized Treatment?

For those entering residential treatment or starting an intensive outpatient program (IOP), the term individualized treatment sounds great. But what is individualized treatment? Many don’t know how to fully explain what it actually is, but they are enjoying the benefits and advantages of having a program tailored to their specific background, struggles, and addictions.

Therapists, counselors, and case workers are discovering that everyone in recovery has a different set of needs. While there are similar struggles at times, the individual in a treatment center is going to have circumstances in life that require a specific approach tailored to their needs. This is a great advancement in the recovery world, treatment centers are recognizing that not every person is facing the same challenges and does not struggle with the same things.

The Benefits of Individualized Treatment

Focus on Certain Family History

Treatment centers and the counselors that work in them have discovered over the years that individuals with certain family histories are going to struggle with certain things. Family recovery is an important part of the recovery process of the individual, and being able to address the struggles an individual may have faced, such as being adopted or coming from a home where one or both parents were absent, is going to open the door for healing to take place and the person to start to forgive family members they may have resentments towards. Different family situations pose different struggles, and need to be dealt with on an individual basis.


Addictions differ in their Challenges


While all addictions are under the umbrella of compulsive behaviors that are habitual and destructive, different addictions vary slightly in the best treatment available for them. There are addictions besides drugs and alcohol that lead people to seek help from treatment centers or IOP programs, and so though the needs of a gambling addict and an alcoholic may be similar, a different approach will need to be taken with each, because they deal with their stress and problems differently. That is why an individualized approach is the best option when helping those in recovery.

Individuals aren’t defined by their Struggles


It’s important to make recovering addicts aware that they are not defined by their addiction. This can be a major setback to those that have been struggling for years. Group settings have their advantages, but some in recovery feel that when placed in groups they are under the label of whatever their particular struggle is. Having individualized treatment emphasizes that their identity is not defined by the struggles and challenges they are facing at this stage in life.


While individualized Delray Beach rehab is important and a necessary part of recovery, it is important not to neglect group therapy sessions and community groups, such as AA and NA meetings. Learning to be in community is an important staple of the new life of recovery and sobriety that those in recovery are striving for. The future of substance abuse treatment encompasses both individualized and group treatment settings.