Knowing your limits: when and when not to push yourself in Recovery

Man standing on mountain. Represents pushing yourself to the right amount

Knowing your limits: when and when not to push yourself in Recovery

Throughout the recovery process, there are times where we have to face challenges, both physical and mental. Some of these challenges are expected withdrawals, while others are triggers we try to avoid. But whether you are residing in sober living housing or moving back out into the world, it can be hard at times to determine which challenges you should face and which you should avoid. In this time of self-understanding, how will we know which of these challenges to take and which to avoid? Here are just a few things to help guide you while on your Delray sober living journey.

How does one determine if they can and should withstand a certain kind of addiction struggle? The main guiding compass should be the logic of your current capacity for withstanding temptation and physical ailments. If you feel like you are still in a very early stage of recovery, and therefore very fragile, you probably should refrain from any situation that could leave you vulnerable (i.e. old environments that encourage addictive opportunities). When withdrawals come, you should stick to the right kind of support, whether it be a friend, environment or discipline that can keep you away from the addictive substance in a healthy manner.

This kind of support can also come from professional instruction from our staff. However, as time goes by, you cannot live the life of recovery without actually going out and living it. At a certain point you will have to exercise your capacity to withstand withdrawals. We are not saying that you have to be left alone with drugs or alcohol in a room to test yourself. What we are saying is that after enough training, you shouldn’t be afraid of going outside because you might run into something that triggers a memory. Living life means not being afraid of what hasn’t happened yet. You also don’t have to be left to your own devices. With plenty of treatments available at our Delray recovery center (Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient), you can have the life skills and community to show you tolerance for those feelings. You will know how to handle unsuspected triggers without letting them control you.

At the end of the day, knowing your limits is all about knowing the difference between caution and fear. Caution is the wise understanding to know that something is dangerous for your health. But fear is an emotion that expresses caution without any logical basis for it. It is the illogical “what if” moment that keeps you from experiencing life because you are afraid of what could happen. But when you come to any sober living housing residence, you will find that your counselors can meet you wherever you are at. Our Delray sober living programs are not just about protecting you from addiction; Delray sober living is about showing you the strength to withstand it yourself. You will not have to be afraid of what could happen in life because you will have the skills and support to withstand anything that the world throws at you. Please feel free to contact Florida Recovery Group with any questions you may have about our Delray recovery center, sober living housing options, treatment programs, or just advice on the next course of action. Don’t wait another day.