Managing Stress in Your Delray Beach Sober Living Home

Transitioning into sobriety is at once exciting and stressful. Getting sober is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but the change itself is a massive transition and one that can be a bit overwhelming. Stress is a huge factor for those who have relapsed, so it’s paramount that you manage it as it occurs. It’s important to keep in mind that you are not alone during this transition, and that there are techniques you can utilize throughout the process to manage any stressors that come your way.

Be Organized
Stress is often associated with a sense of chaos. When we feel that we are out of control of any aspect of our lives, feelings of stress are not far behind. Keeping yourself organized is a technique that will keep the chaos in check. It’s a good idea to note your own personal strengths and weaknesses so that you can better identify how to tackle your problem areas. Once you identify the traits that are causing you stress, you can easily come up with a solution. Keeping a calendar of appointments and meetings, and setting reminders for yourself are also good ways to take some responsibility off of your shoulders. Some people also find it helpful to keep a journal in order to organize their thoughts and emotions. After all, writing is very therapeutic and it puts us in better touch with ourselves, which is very important during sober living.

Find Your Bliss
Try to find a healthy alternative to stressing out. Finding a passion like art or music will divert your energy into something positive. Do whatever works for you. Take up yoga or meditation, or start exercising every day. All these things are proven to reduce stress and maintain a healthy mind. You’re particularly lucky to be in sober living in Delray Beach, where the ocean and sun provide all natural remedies to stress.

Be Social
Communication is therapeutic. Simply being around other people and socializing once in a while is important to maintaining a healthy outlook on life. There are tons of fun activities that will allow you to unwind and have a little fun, and Florida Recovery Group is all about having fun in sober living.

Recovery is a difficult journey, but sober living in Delray Beach has lots of advantages. The sober community is thriving and provides an unparalleled support system. You can view our sober living homes here, and contact us to get more information.