The Importance of Nature in Sober Living

The healing properties of nature, in relations to living a sober life, extend to the physical and mental aspects of our being and also provide us a living metaphor to be grateful for each day. Nature is resilient. It fights through what is ailing it and finds a way to overcome. The coping abilities of nature are something by which we should be inspired. Nature renews itself constantly, so it makes sense to look to nature for help in overcoming addiction, when personal renewal is needed most.

Sober Living Ideas that Utilize Nature

When in substance abuse treatment it is pivotal that we keep our spirits high. Simply taking a walk in nature is scientifically proven to decrease depression and improve mental well-being, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan. Clearing your mind of stressful thoughts is much easier to accomplish when you’re surrounded by natural beauty, and is proven to increase self-esteem.

Luckily enough, being a Delray Beach treatment center exposes us to plenty of healing nature and sunshine. With the beach minutes away, we can take advantage of the healing powers of the sun and the ocean. Being in the sun regulates our circadian rhythms which will help with any sleeping problems you may have. The sun also increases serotonin levels which boost your mood and fight depression. Being in the ocean promotes physical activity and boosts your immune system. Sea water also relaxes you and promotes wellness.

Taking advantage of our beautiful south Florida location will certainly expedite the road to sober living. The healing powers of nature restore and renew, and provide us with an instant mood elevator that will keep you motivated and focused on living a happy sober life. If you or someone you know needs help overcoming addiction, please call us today.