PHP vs. Inpatient Rehab in Delray Beach

PHP and inpatient rehab in Delray Beach

PHP vs. Inpatient Rehab in Delray Beach

After deciding it is time to get help for your addiction, you have some major decisions to make. One of these decisions involves what level of care you will enter for addiction treatment. Two of the highest levels of care are PHP and inpatient rehab.

PHP and inpatient are similar, however, they have some stark differences that could make or break your recovery. So how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between PHP and inpatient rehab in Delray Beach.

What Is Inpatient Rehab Like?

Inpatient rehab, also known as residential treatment, is a type of addiction treatment that requires patients to live at the clinical facility for the duration of their care. This level of care provides 24/7 medical supervision and care, so it is perfect for people who are detoxing or need medical care. Since inpatient has around-the-clock supervision, it is also a good fit for patients who are a high risk for relapse or have co-occurring health conditions.

A typical day at inpatient may look like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Medications
  • Morning inspiration group, meditation, and review of the daily schedule
  • Psychological Educational Group
  • Therapeutic Process Group with Clinician
  • Lunch
  • Individual session in which progress on treatment goals are reviewed
  • Afternoon Wellness Activity/Gym
  • Dinner
  • In-house support group meetings or activities

Inpatient is the highest level of care for addiction treatment in Delray Beach. These programs typically last 28 days before patients transition to a lower level of care, like PHP or IOP.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

There are many ways patients can benefit from inpatient rehab. A few benefits include:

  • Access to 24/7 support and supervision
  • On-site medical and psychiatric care
  • Medication management
  • Peer support
  • Intensive group and individual therapy sessions
  • Medical detox services

What is PHP?

PHP stands for partial hospitalization program. It is the next logical step for people who have completed a detox or inpatient rehab program in Delray Beach. PHP is perfect for people who need a lot of structure and supervision, but do not need around-the-clock care or medical supervision.

PHP runs 5 days a week during which clients spend their days at the treatment facility while participating in therapy and counseling. Patients return home at night or live in a sober living facility. At Florida Recovery Group, our PHP community provides patients with 24/7 housing and staff. We also provide transportation to local 12-step meetings.

Benefits of PHP

PHP provides clients an opportunity to learn sober living skills with their peers while learning how to live drug and alcohol-free. Using small and intimate therapy groups and highly structured care, PHP has a similar success rate as inpatient rehab.

Some of the benefits of PHP include:

  • Acute crisis and symptom stabilization
  • Medication management, consultation, and education
  • Access to intensive group, individual, and family therapy sessions
  • Weekly random drug tests and breathalyzer
  • Support groups
  • Transportation to 12-Step meetings
  • Sober housing
  • A perfect balance of structure and flexibility

PHP vs. Inpatient Rehab in Delray Beach: Which One is Right For You?

Although inpatient rehab and PHP are very similar in terms of the types of services provided, inpatient is far more structured and strict than PHP. However, there are some tell-tale signs that should tell you that you need inpatient instead of PHP.

Signs that you should choose inpatient rehab are:

  • Needing medical detox services
  • Having a co-occurring health condition
  • Being an imminent risk for suicide or self-harm
  • Inability to fully participate, both mentally and physically, in the treatment process
  • Being reluctant to seek treatment or follow a recovery program

On the other hand, a good candidate for PHP in Delray Beach is a person who meets these four qualifications:

  • Substance abuse or dual diagnosis, but is not at imminent risk for suicide or harm to others
  • Capacity to fully participate, physically and mentally
  • Reasonable expectation of improvement and willingness to follow a structured treatment program
  • Willingness to develop a sober support system and work a 12-Step Program

With that being said, it is impossible to know exactly what type of care you need from an article on the internet. Instead, the best way to determine what level of care is right for you is to speak with an addiction specialist.

Speak to a Delray Beach Addictions Specialist Today

Here at Florida Recovery Group, or addictions specialists dedicate their lives to helping people just like you start on their journey to recovery. Our PHP program may be able to help you or a loved one heal from the effects of addiction. To find out whether a PHP or inpatient rehab in Delray Beach is right for you, pick up the phone and call today.