pile of prescription medication

Prescription Medication Availability and Addiction

Addiction is always scary, but it’s easy to remove ourselves from it and say “that could never happen to me or someone I love”, especially if you do a good job of staying away from illegal substances.  However, illegal drugs aren’t the only ones that are dangerous and addictive.  Prescription medication is abused every day around the world, and in some ways, its easy availability makes it even more dangerous than its illegal counterparts.  Just because a substance is approved to be taken by a doctor in some instances does not mean that it’s always safe to consume.  Below, we want to outline some of the major concerns to look out for with prescription medications.

Enhanced Performance

Because prescription medications are given to patients in order to improve their health in some way, their ability to improve your performance could b e very addicting.  Drugs like Adderall that increase focus and productivity are especially commonly abused by teenagers and college students unable to cope with the stress of all of their school work.  Adderall is typically prescribed for those who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is widely regarded as overprescribed.  The ease with which one can obtain a subscription for Adderall is troubling, and though its effects may seem helpful, they often prove to be habit forming, and thus, addicting.

Ease of Attainment

While most doctors have immense respect for the gravity and power of their position, some are not quite so responsible.  It’s troubling to acknowledge, but if you feel as though a family member may be being overprescribed medication, you should talk to their doctor about what exactly the need is for it to make sure that there’s no foul play at hand.  Perhaps the doctor is not at fault, and an addict has faked symptoms well enough to convince their physician that they’re in need of medication that they aren’t, or perhaps a prescription pad has fallen into the wrong hands and is being abused for the sake of addiction.  No matter the situation, it’s a harsh reality to face that though we should be thankful that it’s so easy for us to get the medication we need when people really need it, that also means that it’s easy to get when they don’t.

Abuse of prescription medications can be just as dangerous as that of illegal substances.  Don’t ignore drug abuse simply because that drug has some sort of medical benefit.  Be wary of all of the drugs you ingest, and if you suspect that someone in your family may be struggling with addiction to prescription medication, contact the Florida Recovery Group today.