4 Reasons You Should Go to Sober Living After Rehab

men at a sober living in Delray Beach after rehab

4 Reasons You Should Go to Sober Living After Rehab

Many people choose to go to sober living after rehab because it is what their therapist recommends. Going to a sober living home can help you stay motivated in your recovery, reduce your risk of relapse, and introduce you to meaningful relationships that may last a lifetime. Here are 4 reasons why you should go to a sober living in Delray Beach.

1. Delray Beach Sober Homes Will Provide You With Immense Peer Support

It’s important to have a sober support group in recovery. If you have a group of trustworthy people who are also in recovery that you can turn to in difficult times, it will make sobriety much easier. Your sober support group should encourage you in your recovery, help you work towards your goals, and stay active in your recovery program.

Whether you went to a rehab near you or traveled to another state, meeting new people who are also sober isn’t always easy. By living in sober housing, you will surround yourself with other sober people by default. No matter what time of day it is, you will have sober support closeby.

Sober living homes may have anywhere from 2-4 bedrooms, usually with 2 roommates per room. They also have a living area where everyone can gather and spend time together. While living in close proximity with other like-minded individuals, you’ll not only have support, but you’ll make meaningful relationships that help keep you sober.

2. Going to Sober Living After Rehab Will Help You Establish a Schedule and Routine

Having a routine and a weekly schedule can be beneficial for people who are newly sober. Too much free time or boredom can allow your mind to wander and crave some kind of adventure. However, when you stay busy and have specific obligations to meet, you’ll have more purpose in life and less time to think about drugs or alcohol.

When you go to sober living after rehab in Delray Beach, you will have certain expectations to meet. For example, your house manager will assign a weekly chore list, so you’ll need to set aside time each day for your chore. In addition, you may be required to attend an outpatient program or a certain number of 12-step meetings each week. You will also have a curfew so you will have to schedule your activities before the time you have to return home.

In between keeping up with your recovery-based responsibilities, you may also be looking for a job, going to therapy, or meeting with your sponsor. All of these activities will help you learn how to manage your time, get used to a routine, and become a productive, healthy individual.

3. Sober Homes Will Hold You Accountable in Your Recovery

Recovery takes quite a bit of discipline. If you don’t have the motivation yourself to attend your meetings, meet your sponsor, and treat your addiction, it can be helpful if you have something or someone to hold you accountable. Fortunately, sober homes promote accountability in a couple of different ways.

The first and most obvious way sober living homes in Delray Beach hold residents accountable is by conducting random drug tests. If you fail a drug test, you may have to return to rehab or agree to leave the sober home. Random drug tests and the thought of having to go back to rehab may deter you from relapsing.

Another way sober homes hold people accountable is by the rules they have. In addition to chores and curfew, you may be required to attend house meetings or work with a recovery coach. All of this extra support adds to the accountability that your support group will already be providing.

4. Sober Living Helps Ease the Transition Out of Rehab

Leaving an inpatient drug rehab program can be scary, especially if you’ve been in an extended care program that lasts more than 28 days. Fortunately, one key benefit of going to sober living after rehab is that it helps ease the transition between treatment and real-life.

While living at a sober living in Delray Beach, you will have some level of freedom while still being held accountable in a drug and alcohol-free environment. This will give you time to practice the coping mechanisms and life skills that you learned in rehab in safe and supportive housing.

Studies show that people who go to sober living after completing treatment have lower relapse rates and an easier time finding employment. They are also less likely to suffer from mental health symptoms and more likely to participate in 12-Step programs.

Find the Right Sober Living For You

At Florida Recovery Group, we understand how important it is for people in recovery to receive a full continuum of care as well as strong aftercare support. That’s why we have three sober homes in Delray Beach, FL for patients who have completed one of our drug and alcohol rehab programs.

If you or a loved one are ready to get started on your recovery journey, give us a call today. We’ll help you learn about your treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your care.

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