What is the Best Recovery Literature?

People in recovery are always searching for new wisdom and literature to meditate on and soak in to provide new insight into living one day at a time. It is important for recovering addicts and alcoholics to constantly fill themselves up with new insight and keep growing in their sobriety. These books are great for those with years of clean time or even for someone just entering a drug rehabilitation center.

The Big Book of AA

This is the godfather of recovery literature. Full of stories of people that have successfully achieved recovery, it is written by Bill W and Dr. Bob, whose early research and experience with alcoholics paved the way for modern recovery’s approach to helping people get sober. This book is given to many when they enter treatment, but for those who are looking for a jumping off point or who are wondering if they may have a problem with alcohol, this is a great place to start.

The Big Book of NA

Many addicts relate more to NA than AA, simply because their past life consisted of more drug than alcohol abuse. For those from such a background, the book, simply entitled Narcotics Anonymous, does a magnificent job of laying out the principles of recovery. The clear message of this book is a message of hope and freedom from the bondage of addiction, and hundreds and even thousands of addicts are celebrating freedom today because of the messages and stories detailed within the book of Narcotics Anonymous.

Just for Today

A book of great daily meditations for addicts, Just for Today is very popular, especially among the NA community. But Just for Today is great for everyone in recovery, as well as people from all walks of life. The pages are filled with courage and motivation for those that have come out of a life of addiction. Its fresh insights can be applied to the daily life of anyone that meditates on the wisdom among its pages, and offer hope and inspiration to those in recovery who may be struggling.

While these are simply three must-own pieces of literature for recovery, there are many more books that deal with the stories of those in recovery. Many famous celebrities and sports stars have dealt with addiction and their stories are available in print to provide inspiration to anyone coming from a life of addiction. Whether in a residential treatment center, an intensive outpatient program (iop), or someone with lengthy sobriety that is now living on their own, it is never too late to get back into these solid pieces of recovery literature.