Release from the Struggle of Guilt

Sad girl feeling guilty. Representing overcoming addiction

Release from the Struggle of Guilt

How does guilt get in the way of overcoming addiction? There are many connections between internal Guilt and addictive tendencies. People might even say that they are addicted to feeling guilty. Like a narcotic, guilt gives us a safe zone that we can always go back to for stability. For instance, when we feel confident that we are doing the right thing, and then doubt ourselves, guilt allows us the safety-net to never be overconfident.

This is similar to when we are struggling with our addiction to the point where we want the drug just to calm ourselves down. It is our safety net. But in both cases, the safety nets are false. Living in guilt or an addiction is not protection; it is imprisonment. And to be released from that prison requires help from the outside. And we at Florida Recovery Group are ready to post your bail. Our Trauma track program focuses on guiding you to overcoming addiction through our Rapid Resolution therapy.

Rapid Resolution therapy

Rapid resolution therapy (RRT) is a therapy technique for overcoming addiction where we guide you to overcome any psychological and emotional trauma that is holding you back from overcoming addiction. Since guilt is a huge force in keeping people in their addictive lifestyle, we need to cut off the problem at the roots. Many people deal with traumatic experiences that lead to guilt and therefore they look for ways to feel better about themselves. However, this is not the case for everybody who has guilt mixed in with addiction. In some cases, the guilt might have started with the addiction. Those who are overwhelmed with an addiction will often feel guilty because they see themselves the way the world tends to view addicts: morally destructive, selfish people.


Free from Guilt

Although drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, it is not a 100% moral choice. Yes, a moral choice may have started the addiction, but any failed attempt to overcome the addiction is not the person’s fault. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, please understand that you are not the problem. We love you and see you as you truly are: a valuable person. The illusion of continuous guilt does not have to hang over you any longer. Once that guilt is gone, the idea of overcoming addiction becomes all the more real.
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