Rob Kardashian To Enter Rehab Facility In Delray Beach

Rob Kardashian To Enter Rehab Facility In Delray Beach

For the past two years, while a majority of the Kardashian clan has kept their names and faces in the tabloids, one of them fell out of the lime light, and that’s Rob Kardashian. His family has been very candid on their television show about the struggles that Rob had been going through, and while no one has assumed he’s struggling with substance abuse, it was clear that he was severely depressed.

The show has always focused on the Kardashian sisters more so than their only brother Rob, but overtime, they would touch on the fact that he felt like he would forever be walking in his sisters’ shadows. He started his own sock line, but that hardly compared to the success of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, which is something he soon realized publically on the reality show. When Kim Kardashian married Kanye West, the one thing that the public noticed was that Rob was missing from all of his sister’s wedding festivities, including the ceremony itself.

Rob Kardashian Finally Seeking Help

The reason behind his absence? He didn’t want the tabloids, or anyone for that matter (family included), to discuss his weight and his personal issues that were very much public. Along with that, Rob’s family has spoken candidly about his “personal struggles,” but aside from that, not much has been said. On one occasion, Rob did publically refuse a third party’s help in getting him through whatever his struggles were, but that was all.

However, tabloids have recently picked up that Rob may finally be seeking help for whatever he has been going through, and hopefully they’ll be on his side rather than criticize. For someone who has refused the help of other for so long, to finally take the step of seeking treatment takes a lot of courage and it’s a HUGE first step.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Delray Beach

So, where is Rob going to seek treatment? Rumor has it that Rob will be voluntarily entering a beach front treatment facility in Delray Beach, FL. Florida is an extremely popular location for those seeking substance abuse treatment because the weather is consistent, and it serves as a nice oasis for those who need to focus on themselves. Plus, with so many treatment centers within the Sunshine State, there is an extremely supportive sober community.

According to an anonymous source that spoke to Extra, Rob is seeking treatment for substance abuse and alcohol addiction. The reason for choosing treatment in Florida is that it’ll be easier for him to avoid the hectic world surrounding his family and he can separate himself from his life is California. Whatever the reasoning may be, at Florida Recovery, we’re very happy is this news is true, and we’re on Rob’s side because starting life as a recovering addict is tough, but we know that Florida has an excellent support system for those who want to live a sober life.

Rob Kardashian’s Substance Abuse

When Rob’s sister Khloe was married to former NBA star Lamar Odem, the end of their marriage resulted in Odem relapsing on his substance abuse. During that time, Rob was the only person still talking to Lamar, and while it all is rumor and speculation, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s when a lot of Rob’s alcohol and drug use took place.

Keep in mind that addiction is an extremely difficult thing to overcome. The last thing a 28 year old expects to be is a “recovering addict,” especially when their friends are going out, drinking, and partying. The difference with someone who struggles with addiction is that they can’t control that urge. Sure, they may be able to say “no,” to that first drink, and that’s great for that night, but if they say “yes,” and take that first drink, there’s no stopping them. That’s when substance abuse treatment comes into play. All of those things that make someone say “yes,” are triggers in the addicts mind. In a treatment program, there are sessions tailored to handling those triggers, from identifying them to turning away from them.

Overcoming Substance Abuse

At Florida Recovery, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed for Rob Kardashian. Keep in mind that he is a successful business entrepreneur; he just turned down a bad path. Granted, all this treatment talk is here say, but for Rob’s sake, we hope it’s true and that he’s finally seeking help with tackling those demons that have been following him around. Recovery is possible for anyone, it just takes a lot of willpower, and he needs to have the desire to turn his life around, otherwise he won’t see any change when (or if) he returns home.