Here are 4 Sober Activities in South Florida you Might Enjoy.

While living in South Florida, the benefit for those in recovery is that the recovery community in Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and the surrounding areas is very solid. There are a lot of great sponsors around, lots of great mentors, and many service opportunities available at local treatment centers and halfway houses where the opportunity awaits to be able to share the recovery story of an individual.

But many people in recovery are wondering what to do next. Some have never developed hobbies or activities outside of using drugs and drinking. The great thing is that South Florida is an exciting place to call home. People from all over the world visit this area for vacation time, and for good reason. It’s a great place to visit or spend time because it’s so beautiful and there is so much to do. So what is there to do in South Florida? Specifically, what is there to do for those in recovery, when certain activities are no longer an option? Palm Beach and Broward Counties are great places to start developing new hobbies.


Activities for People in Recovery in Delray Beach

Hang Out at the Beach

You knew this was coming, but one of the best parts about living in South Florida needs to be taken advantage of.

The beach can be enjoyed all year round. It’s great for running, relaxing, and even for renting a boat or other marine device to be able to navigate around on the water. A great place to go about doing this is in West Palm, where the Intracoastal waterway is wide and lined with beautiful homes.

sober volleyball

Many people can be found playing volleyball at one of the many beach locations.

There are jet skis and paddleboards available for rent, and a paddleboard can even be purchased for use at the local beach, where the waves provide an extra challenge. Many people also love playing volleyball, you will find the people playing at the nets ready for competition year-round. Surfing is also an option when the surf is right.

The beach is also a favorite meeting place for some morning meetings all across Palm Beach County. Being on the east coast of Florida means that the sun rises over the ocean. Experiencing an early morning meeting with the sun rising is one of the best ways to start the day in South Florida.

Visit the Everglades

Not many Floridians get to experience the beauty of living in the Everglades, but there is a whole world in the middle of the state of Florida just waiting to be explored. All around Lake Okeechobee are marshlands and canals full of gators, and further south toward Miami are the Everglades. This land is full of airboat rides, orange orchards, and sugar cane fields, and in a certain time of year, there’s even a Sugar Festival in Clewiston, Florida, home to the biggest sugar mill in the world.

Play Tennis in Delray Beach

For those that are excited about starting to play sports again once they’ve gotten into recovery, the Delray Beach Tennis Center is a great place to start learning the great game of tennis. Developing an active lifestyle is a great benefit of learning to live sober, and tennis is a game that can be played for many years, and it’s never too late to learn.

Learn Yoga

The peaceful, meditative aspects of yoga make it a great benefit and addition to the recovery lifestyle. Learning to stay in the moment and at the same time practice being fit, active, and flexible is a great way to spend time while in recovery. It also helps those getting into the recovery community and sober living environments learn how to have fun in groups, as yoga can be done at home alone or in groups in a studio.

Whatever the interests are of someone in recovery there is bound to be something exciting for them to do in Delray Beach or somewhere in Palm Beach or Broward County. This is a tourist destination and it’s a blessing to be living in such a beautiful state.