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Sober Living Homes Aid the Recovery Process

Those going through the beginning stages of addiction recovery often find that they need a place to stay that will allow them to concentrate on remaining sober. Sober living homes, or halfway houses, provide a place that allows those in recovery to focus on breaking old habits without the same level of temptation they might find in a regular residence. Think of them as a transition stage, one that allows people in similar life stages to support one another in recovery while getting reacquainted with the everyday responsibilities of sober life.


Is transferring to a Sober Living Home Necessary?

During in-patient treatment, those in recovery are aided with guidance and supervision. Those that transfer to sober homes are well on their way to achieving lasting sobriety, but still need some assistance and supervision in order to maintain a substance-free lifestyle.


The National Institute of Health has carried out studies that have determined that leaving treatment and going straight back into the “real world” lowers the chances of a person remaining sober. Sober living homes or being guided by an addiction helper increases a person’s chance of remaining sober. The coping skills learned in this environment is invaluable to a person’s journey of recovery.


What’s it Like Living in a Sober Home?

Residents of sober living homes are often responsible for paying their own rent, but sometimes their insurance may cover the charges. Everyone living in the home is a former addict, and everyone is concentrating on remaining sober and improving their lives. This provides a support system made up of people with similar problems and experiences, and the sober community is especially close nit in South Florida.

Residents are concentrated on finding employment and finding a place to stay once they are ready to move out. House mates often accompany each other to meetings and support one another in sobriety. Overall, the purpose of a sober living house is to provide a safe place to concentrate on recovery and kickstart new ways of life.
Florida Recovery Group has sober living homes in Delray Beach, Florida available to men and women on a mission to get sober. They feature spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and patio areas. Additionally, they feature great amenities like WiFi, washers and dryers, TV’s with netflix and Direct TV, job placement services, and van transportation to meetings. Contact us today for more information.