What Is Sober Living Housing?

Walking through recovery in South Florida is not easy, but the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale have some of the most conducive areas for long term recovery. One of the tools used by the recovery community is to help those who are trying to make it in recovery. The idea of sober living is one that has gotten confused with other terms related to recovery. Sober living environments have the goal of helping people deal with addiction problems and have more structure in their lives. They serve as a way to transition people back into the world after being in a recovery setting or center.

Sober Living is a home or complex dedicated to helping individuals that are committed to living sober generally want a degree of structure in their lives, especially as they are beginning to get used to living without drugs or alcohol. Sober living housing provides a great way to be able to do that.

Sober Living 101

Provides Healthy Structure

Those who are coming out of a structured environment sometimes need help to be able to successfully reenter life. That is where a sober living environment and housing setting can come in to help. These settings, such as in a halfway house, three-quarters house, or transitional home, provide structure and require those who are living in them to stay sober. This extra accountability and structure can be a huge help to those who are in the beginning stages of early recovery.

Provide Community

One of the most important parts of early recovery is having community. Sober living helps provide that in several ways. First, it gives someone roommates and housemates who are also wanting to stay sober and be in a good environment. Sober living houses also encourage their tenants to attend regular AA/NA meetings to widen their recovery network. This helps them be encouraged and supported by a group of people in recovery who can come alongside them.

Holistic and Clinical Benefits

A quality sober living house will provide other benefits as well as structure and community. Florida Recovery Group has men’s and women’s houses that feature exercise regimens and sober living activities such as fishing, bowling, and other group activities. There is also medication management and alumni involvement, and clinical interventions by those who are needing a deeper level of care.

Looking for sober living housing in Delray Beach can be tricky. There are many choices that could prove right for someone that is looking for a healthy environment to live in while in early recovery. One of the top options is Florida Recovery Group. They offer sober living housing as well as a host of other services, including yoga, meditation, and other wellness activities. Those who are looking for a peaceful environment to stay sober in can get in contact with today at 561-330-4688!