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The healing properties of nature, in relations to living a sober life, extend to the physical and mental aspects of our being and also provide us a living metaphor to be grateful for each day. Nature is resilient. It fights through what is ailing it and finds a way to overcome. The coping abilities of nature are something by which we should be inspired. Nature renews itself constantly, so it makes sense to look to nature for help in overcoming addiction, when personal renewal is needed most.
While it’s recommended that if you have a severe substance abuse problem you attend an inpatient program, there are alternatives out there that are less intense and aggressive that are more suited for those who are just in the beginning stages of their addiction and need support. This is where the term “outpatient” is thrown around.
Diving right back into your old routine after completing substance abuse treatment is not something recommended by anyone who has either been through treatment or works at a treatment facility. When you're coming up on your final days of rehab in Florida, it will begin to set in that you are indeed getting ready to leave the only structured environment that supports your recovery. That’s when sober living homes come in handy.

By creating an interactive chart that allows users to take a real time look at both legal and illegal drug use, uses federal data averages to determine how many people are currently using in the United States, today. On the chart, those who visit...

Recent studies show that teen drug and alcohol abuse is falling, while rates of prescription drug abuse  remain the same. This concerning trend could possibly be connected to myths in the community about the realities of prescription drug abuse.
While supervised treatment is the safest, most effective detox method, it is also important for people at all steps of recovery to practice good lifestyle choices. Keeping one's whole state of health is mind when in recovery can be a powerful addition to any program.