The power of being okay

Two people clasping hands. Represents being okay in the middle of addiction. Delray recovery center.

The power of being okay

Addiction is not only a social journey. It is also a personal one. Anyone who has gone through the struggle knows this. There are times when we try to distract ourselves from the painful temptations of withdrawals. But often enough, these withdrawals are not tempting for temptation sake. Addiction can be connected to some kind of personal trauma. It can come from any part of our lives, from physical to psychological pain. But ultimately the urge for any addiction usually comes from a sense that you will not be okay without the substance. But as former addicts have shown, that is simply not the case. Our community at the Delray recovery center knows that the real power you hold over addiction is the belief that you will ultimately be okay without it.


It’s okay to not be okay

Recovery really begins with admitting the need for help. But for many people, admitting that you are not okay is not enough. We at Florida Recovery Group are here to remind you that it is okay to not to be okay. With the right treatment, you can rest knowing that addiction no longer has the final say. In other words, you will be alright. Recovery does not begin once we are perfectly cleansed on any urge for the addictive substance. That’s silly. Recovery really starts when you ask for help from loving and non-judgmental mentors. Our team at the Delray recovery center know how to engage each patient on their own personal terms.


Supporting when alone

Support is good and healthy at the group/staff meetings. However, in order to experience life again, you cannot stay at the Delray recovery center. At some point, you are going to have to leave your sober living housing. But what about when you are alone or are in situations where drugs and alcohol are present? The best thing to do is to breathe and call someone from our facilities. They can guide you through where to go and what to do. But that doesn’t mean that we are the ones who get you out of that situation. When you are caught alone in your thoughts, the main thing you need to remember is this fact: you are okay. The part of your body and/or mind that says you need this substance is wrong. It is an illusion. The real step forward in recovery begins with how you believe in yourself.


It only seems impossible

This type of therapy might seem impossible at times. But every person, no matter the severity of their addiction, has the capacity to believe more in themselves than their addiction. And the sober living housing community will be there to encourage you the whole time you are there. For more information on our Delray recovery center, sober living housing options, and therapeutic services, be sure to contact Florida Recovery group today.

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