The value of inpatient treatment

Woman looking up. Hopeful about inpatient treatment

The value of inpatient treatment

Making the move to rehab can be an odd, and possibly intimidating experience. The very idea of it might have just recently been thrust upon you if you were in an intervention. Despite what you might have heard or seen on TV, a Rehab treatment center is a hugely beneficial opportunity. For Florida Recovery Group, Inpatient treatment builds the necessary skills and living style needed to save yourself from addiction. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers guided counseling, community, and sober-living exercises in order to overcome addiction. Take a look below for to see how the program offers these benefits.


Benefits of Inpatient Treatment Program


Guided counseling

Successfully overcoming addiction is never a completely solo effort. It begins when one is able to open up about their problem to a professional. Our inpatient treatment counselors deliver customized therapy sessions in order to help you better understand your addiction. They will help you get a grasp on both the physical and mental relationship between the addiction and your body. From there they will be able to determine the right kind of choices for your recovery, since no two people are the same, especially when it comes to substance addiction.


Community support

One thing that you will find out pretty quickly while at Florida Recovery Group is that we are a community. We do not just mean the staff and counselors, but also the patients. Recovery is hardest when one is in isolation. The best way to get a firm grip back on living again is through relationships. Making a friend, even just one, will definitely allow for you to grow in a positive and more confident environment that is more fulfilling than any narcotic substance. In short, becoming a part of a family will grant you a positive lease in life.


Sober-living Exercises

Our treatment programs are all for a singular purpose: your recovery. Therefore, all programs are done to exercise your mind and body so that you can “burn off” your addiction. Now to be clear, the capability of being addicted to something may last forever. However, your dependency of the addiction can be overcome. In other words, a sip of alcohol may always bring on addictive traits in your body. But after recovery, you’ll never even want to taste a sip of alcohol again. It’d be like taking something you are allergic to. And that desired revolution is what we strive for with our sober-living exercises. Once you have crossed that threshold, the sight of your old addiction will pale in comparison to the light of your renewed life.


Real Happiness

Recovery is more than just a checklist of do’s and don’ts. It is a reworking of your life and how you live it. It is the renewal of your desires. We don’t give up on happiness and fulfillment; on the contrary, we help you therapeutically re-focus your desires to actually live life with real happiness, and not the false happiness of drugs or alcohol. This is your opportunity to return to the life that addiction was once destroying. However, recovery doesn’t end with inpatient treatment. We also offer programs for post-treatment, outpatient programs (intensive and traditional). This is to assist you when moving back into the real world again. No matter what life offers you after treatment, we will always be here to believe and support you.