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Ways to Make a Trip to Rehab Successful

There are many people who have been to multiple treatment centers, each time wondering what didn’t work for them. It’s easy to blame a treatment center or a drug rehabilitation program for not working when someone goes back to using drugs and alcohol. But chances are it wasn’t the program’s fault. (Provigil) It’s the responsibility of the person entering a treatment facility to make sure that they go in with an open heart and an open mind.

A wise man once said to someone on their way to a drug rehabilitation program that they should “be like clay, and allow yourself to be molded.” That is great advice for anyone entering a substance abuse program. There is certainly hard work to be done while entering a facility, whether it’s someone’s first or fifth time trying to get help for addiction. However, there are definitely some things that someone can remember when entering treatment that will help them be successful.

Things to Remember when Entering Treatment

Be Like Clay

Clay is used to describe someone that is teachable because it is easy to change and mold by being able to be manipulated to take on different shapes and forms. That relates to someone that needs help from addiction because clay is easy to change, and it responds well to someone attempting to correct it. When entering a treatment facility for a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to remember that no one goes to treatment because everything is going well. People go to treatment because they need help, and it’s okay to accept that help is needed. So, when going to treatment, it’s important to be teachable and accept the advice and counsel that is given.

Remember Where You’ve Come From

Those who are not successful in recovery or in a drug rehabilitation program many times fail because they forget the terrible times of addiction, and why they have come to recovery in the first place. Someone may ask, “How can the addict forget where they came from”, especially after living such a chaotic lifestyle. This is something that those in recovery refer to as “Euphoric Recall.” It enables addicts to remember the good times of their addiction and forget the terrible times and all the pain they caused themselves and their families. It’s going to be very important for those entering treatment to remember where they have come from.

Be a Friend to Those in Need

There’s a reason why recovery centers allow many addicts to come and get help at the same time. Being in community is one of the best weapons those who have struggled with addiction have to fight against relapse. When entering treatment, be a friend to the peers at the drug treatment center and be a shoulder to cry on for those that need it. Remember the lyrics of the great song. ” Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.”

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