What Are Women’s Drug Rehab Programs Like?

women's only drug rehab

What Are Women’s Drug Rehab Programs Like?

Women’s drug rehab programs are gender-specific treatment centers that are designed to meet the unique needs of women. They aim to focus on the unique emotional, mental, societal, and spiritual needs of women specifically. Since men and women have different mental health and addiction treatment needs, it’s important for women to have a safe place where they can heal from their past, create bonds with other women, and develop healthy relationships with their therapists.

While the day-to-day experience at a women’s rehab may be similar to that of a men’s rehab or mixed-gender rehab facility, the treatment approach will be tailored specifically for people who identify as female.

Considerations for Women’s Only Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse affects everyone differently, but there are certain circumstances and experiences that are unique to each gender. Not only are women biologically different from men, but they have different life experiences as well. Addiction treatment centers that address these unique needs can provide highly individualized care and evidence-based treatment methods.

Let’s take a look at the different considerations for women that are taken into account in women’s only drug rehab programs and how they can benefit a woman’s recovery.

Pregnancy, Parenting, and Motherhood

Many drug or alcohol-addicted mothers experience a great deal of stress, guilt, and shame when it comes to their substance abuse and their children. These feelings often come from the societal pressure placed on women to bear children and be good mothers. When combined with the stigma that surrounds addiction, it is easy to see how expecting and current mothers struggle with asking for help with addiction.

Fortunately, women’s only drug rehab programs provide women with a nonjudgmental, safe, and supportive environment for all patients, allowing them to discuss sensitive issues and get help without outside pressure.

Some women’s rehab programs offer programs specific to pregnant and expecting mothers. These specialized programs focus on preparing pregnant mothers for motherhood in sobriety and helping them obtain the right prenatal care.

Many women’s treatment programs also offer parenting classes and family therapy. Parenting classes can help teach women healthy parenting skills while family therapy can help strengthen the mother-child bond.

Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Trauma

While both men and women can be the victims of sexual assault, women experience sexual assault and abuse at much higher rates than men. In fact, 82% of all juvenile victims are female and 90% of adult rape victims are women.[1] A history of sexual trauma can significantly increase one’s risk of developing substance use disorder, and many women who enter rehab have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives.

Women’s drug rehab programs provide specialized PTSD and trauma therapy to help patients overcome past traumas. They also create a safe and trusting environment in which a woman feels comfortable opening up about her past. These experiences may be difficult to talk about in front of men, which is why women’s only programs are so vital.


Men and women often take on different roles in their relationships. As a result, each gender may experience varying power dynamics, societal pressures, and struggles with their families and partners. Women’s only treatment programs take these circumstances into consideration to help provide a more intensive level of care.

For example, without proper treatment, women who grew up in abusive households may be more likely to grow up and have partners who are also abusive or share the same traits and behaviors as their past abuser.

Environments such as these can enable drug and alcohol use. As a result, it is vital that treatment programs teach coping skills, problem-solving, assertiveness, stress management, and more, so that women can cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships that support recovery.

Reasons for Substance Abuse

People who struggle with addiction often get to the point where they are using drugs and alcohol simply because they don’t feel as though they can survive without it. However, men and women may begin using drugs for different reasons – and they may react differently to substances, as well.

For example, women often use drugs to control their weight, cope with physical or emotional pain, or self-medicate mental health issues. They may also be more sensitive to certain substances, like alcohol or cocaine. In fact, researchers believe women may be more susceptible to drug cravings and relapse after treatment.[2]

Additionally, women have to deal with things like societal pressures, menstruation, breastfeeding, peer pressure, and so much more. Women’s drug rehab programs are equipped to address all of these issues to provide a more in-depth treatment approach.

Find A Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program Near You

There are many advantages to gender-specific addiction treatment. Women may be more comfortable opening up to other women and they may be able to get a higher level of individualized care. Many women will also benefit from relating to the experiences of other women at the rehab facility.

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, don’t stay silent any longer. Compassionate care is just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and call now to speak with one of our dedicated treatment specialists.


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