What Happened at the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally


Last Sunday, October 4th, a free rally occurred in Washington, D.C. at the National Mall. It was called UNITE to Face Addiction, and its aim was to raise awareness about drug addiction in America. Thousands showed up to show their support of increased access to rehabilitation and to end the stigma still associated with addiction.


A prevalent commonality among those who attended was a desire to see an accurate portrayal of those trying to overcome addiction in America. People of any age can be affected, and more importantly, people of any age can get the help they deserve. The rally was a chance for those affected by addiction, including supportive family members, to show society that they have a message of hope, that recovery is possible and getting your life back on track is possible, and that people shouldn’t be ashamed that they need help.


The rally saw large support from actors and musicians, who gave speeches and performances, and spoke to the crowd about their own struggles with addiction. Steven Tyler performed, along with Sheryl Crow, The Fray, Jason Isbell, John Rzeznik, and more. Actress Allison Janney spoke about how she was affected by addiction when her brother passed away in 2011. His struggle inspired her to take on her current role in the CBS show ‘Mom’ which deals with a woman navigating recovery.


If we continue to raise awareness and end the stigma associated with addiction, we can help so many people get the help they need to overcome this terrible disease that affects so many. Building a community of people striving to better themselves daily sends a message of hope to those struggling, and hope is quite possibly the most important thing we need. If you or somebody you know needs help to overcome addiction, please contact us at 561.330.4688 or simply submit your request online.