When is it Time for Mental Health Rehab?

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When is it Time for Mental Health Rehab?

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year.”[1]

Mental health conditions are incredibly common in the United States. While many mental health issues can be treated on an outpatient basis, some people might require more intensive treatment. That’s where mental health rehab comes in. 

While 47.2% of people with a mental illness received treatment in 2021, this means that the majority did not get the help they need.[1] Oftentimes, people do not seek professional help because they do not believe their problems are “serious” enough to warrant treatment. 

If you or a loved one are concerned that your mental health issues require inpatient treatment, it’s important to be aware of the signs that it’s time for mental health rehab. 

What is Mental Health Rehab?

If you have never been to a mental health rehab facility, your only example of what these programs are like are probably from television and movies. Media often portrays mental health rehab as a grueling process that occurs in a clinical-looking facility. While some mental health treatment centers are inside hospitals, most rehab programs create a home-like feeling to improve the moods of their patients. 

Additionally, mental health treatment centers are not intended to be distressing or difficult. More often than not, these programs are an uplifting and positive experience for patients. During inpatient mental health treatment, you will live in a secure facility that keeps you safe, and healthy, and provides you with the support you need to recover. 

The services provided during mental health rehab might include:

  • An initial assessment of your mental health status 
  • Diagnosis of mental health conditions
  • A safe and secure facility for you to heal in
  • Medications to stabilize your condition if needed
  • Evidence-based therapies targeted at your specific symptoms 
  • Group counseling and peer support 
  • Ongoing mental health treatment 
  • Holistic therapies to provide you with “whole-person” healing 

Which Conditions Are Treated In a Mental Health Rehab Program?

Oftentimes, people think that mental health rehab is only intended for the most severe mental illnesses. Additionally, movies and television portray these mental illnesses in an exacerbated light. While these programs can treat severe mental illness, they are intended for any type of psychiatric condition you can think of.

The mental health conditions that rehab can help you overcome include:

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of conditions that inpatient mental health rehab treats. While the above-mentioned illnesses are commonly treated in mental health rehab, any condition that causes you significant distress can be treated by one of these programs.

Who Should Consider Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health condition, you might be wondering when it’s time to consider rehab. Inpatient treatment is a significant step to take, so it is normal to want to get all of the information you can on when it’s necessary. With that being said, several signs can help you determine whether you require inpatient mental health rehab. 

The following signs indicate that mental health treatment might be necessary:

  • You have thoughts of suicide or harming others 
  • Your mental illness is causing drug or alcohol abuse 
  • You experience aggressive or out-of-control behaviors 
  • Medications are no longer effectively managing your condition 
  • You experience hallucinations or delusions (psychosis)
  • You are having a hard time completing daily tasks, like feeding yourself or personal grooming
  • Outpatient treatment is not helping you
  • You are behaving impulsively or recklessly
  • You are experiencing severe insomnia 
  • You’re in a manic episode 

If you experience the previously mentioned signs, you might benefit from inpatient psychiatric treatment. Mental health rehab programs can provide you with a break from the outside world that allows you to fully focus on your recovery. 

What are the Benefits of Attending Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 14 million adults aged 18 or older experienced a serious mental illness in 2021.[2] This means that a large number of people in the United States experience mental health issues that would indicate a need for inpatient treatment.

Feeling like you need a mental health rehab center is not uncommon. If you think inpatient psychiatric treatment would help you, it’s important to seek the care you need. If you are considering attending a mental health rehab, you might be wondering about the specific benefits they provide.

The benefits of attending an inpatient psychiatric program include:

  • The ability to fully focus on recovery
  • 24/7 supervision and support
  • Constant access to mental health professionals 
  • A stable environment to adjust to new medications
  • Access to evidence-based individual therapy and group counseling
  • A safe environment for people living in volatile homes 
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Learning how to manage and avoid triggers 

Get Connected to a Top-Rated Psychiatric Rehab Center In Delray Beach, FL

If you or a loved one are experiencing the symptoms of a mental health condition, you might benefit from inpatient treatment. Mental health rehab programs can provide you with the safety, security, and structure you need to recover and learn how to effectively manage your condition. 

To learn more about mental health treatment or to find help for yourself or a loved one, contact Florida Recovery Group today. 


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