How to Practice Yoga In Recovery to Overcome Addiction

It is becoming more and more popular to learn how to do Yoga. Doing Yoga on a regular basis is a great way to promote meditation, reduce stress, and become more flexible. It also promoted community, as the best way to do yoga is usually in a class with an instructor, although practice sessions at home are also encouraged. But what is it about Yoga that makes it so beneficial to addicts in recovery?

Yoga, like other activities such as Tai-Chi, is a very relaxing form of exercise. Yoga actually helps to promote recovery because of its relaxing nature and the way its participants improve themselves through its practice. Yoga is big in the recovery community, with entire retreats designed to integrate the two.

Ways Yoga Benefits Recovering Addicts

Peace and Meditation

It certainly is no secret that Yoga is relaxing and promotes serenity and meditation. Many people get into Yoga for this exact reason. It is great to reduce stress and teach those in recovery a healthy way to deal with the issues in their lives after they have been using drugs to deal with it for so long.

Physical Exercise

Yoga is also a great way to get some exercise! It promotes flexibility, and many of the muscles in the back and core are used in performing the different poses that yoga asks its participants to do. But it isn’t only the difficult poses and the more experienced Yoga people that are getting a good workout. Many substance abuse treatment centers and drug rehabilitation programs have their patients do Yoga, sometimes even on the sandy shores of the beach. It’s just a great way to get back into shape and have fun while doing it!

Positive Community

Because Yoga is primarily done in a studio with a group of people, it is also a great way to get into and develop community. This is one of the most important things for people in addiction recovery. Learning to live a life surrounded by good people and leaving the people, places, and things of the past IN the past is a hard aspect of sober living. But Yoga life is a great way to meet new people with common interests, who share a passion for living healthy and drug free.

For over 5,000 years, Yoga masters have been sharing their techniques designed to rejuvenate the body and the mind. There are so any positive benefits to the activity and exercise, it’s no wonder that those in recovery have begun utilizing it!