What Are the 2016 Presidential Candidates Views on Drug Policy? Pt. 1

The general consensus among Americans regarding the “War on Drugs” is that it has failed. Spending on drug control has majorly increased since the 70’s, while rates of drug use have remained relatively the same, all while incarceration rates have skyrocketed. In fact, in a direct correlation, the U.S. prison population has grown by 700% since 1970. Drug related deaths are a solidified epidemic, and few Americans are eager to continue this mass spending on a “war” that is producing no positive results. It is an issue that the 2016 presidential candidates must address. Here is a brief overview of the stances of 4 candidates.

2016 Presidential Candidates

Jeb Bush

Good ol’ former governor of our home state, Jeb Bush, in spite of what current drug policy has resulted in, seems to want more of the same. He does not support marijuana legalization, even for medical use, and sees it as a gateway to more dangerous drugs. He does not support treatment instead of jail for nonviolent offenders, and has cut the budget for drug treatment and drug court programs in Florida.


Hillary Clinton

Clinton seems to be a bit more progressive in her views. She has proposed a $10billion program which would focus the government’s efforts on treatment instead of jail time, bringing the era of mass incarceration to an end. She wants to make naloxone, which halts overdoses, more readily available, as well as expand treatment and education. She would also like to see better training for health care workers.


Chris Christie

Christie sees drug reform as an urgent priority, a fact he made clear in his wildly popular speech that’s been making the rounds on the internet and TV. He wants to prioritize treatment over incarceration, and has a track record as New Jersey governor that proves his views aren’t bogus. He signed bills that increased access to treatment, and provided immunity to those that called 911 to report an overdose. He is, however, tough on marijuana, and has stated that as president, he will crack down on the legalization of the drug.


Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has sponsored bills that would loosen federal restrictions on marijuana, and would allow the states to decide if they want to legalize recreational marijuana. He is for the legalization of medical marijuana. He considers the war on drugs a failed policy, and supports treatment over incarceration for nonviolent offenders.


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