The Benefits Of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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The Benefits Of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

When someone seeks treatment for addiction, there are several reasons why they might be hesitant to start a program. Whether they realize it or not, there will be things that they are leaving behind when going into treatment centers. Aside from giving up the substances that they’ve become addicted to, they might be giving up lifestyles that contribute to said addiction. Part of that lifestyle might include friends or family members that they have to say goodbye to (even if the goodbye is temporary). Some of these environments might have given comfort, while others contributed to their addiction in the first place. Ultimately, when one enters recovery, they will have to sacrifice their comfort-zone to reach a better, more fulfilled life. Despite how great they might have felt, taking that step to sobriety will open the door to a whole new amount of blessings in life. Those blessings will overflow the hole that addiction was trying to fulfill. In order to show that we at Florida Recovery Group are here for your benefit, here are some things we keep in mind in order to let you be comfortable enough to step outside of your comfort-zone at our Delray, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, or Palm Beach Treatment Center.

Confronting Fears

There are several things to be afraid of when leaving your comfort-zone, but most of those circumstances are imaginary since you have not even taken the first step yet. Here at Florida Recovery Group, we understand that each person requires different means for acclimating to life outside of addiction. Support groups might be a plus for some people, while one-on-one meetings might be ideal for others. Some people might be most comfortable in their own home, while others need to get out of the house in order to feel less tempted. For some people, the idea of going into the outside world provides a better sense of accountability because there are things to do. You can preoccupy yourself with a daily mission (shopping, lunch, friends etc.) When you are inside your house with nothing to do, the voices of angst and temptation become louder. The sound of the allure of addiction becomes unhinged without all of the other things to distract you with.

Unique Requirements

However, the same effect can work in reverse. What might be a comfort for one person may be an unsettling experience for another. One person might be comfortable at a Palm Beach treatment center, while another may need to be in Delray Beach because certain personal triggers might have resided in Palm Beach. One of the main things that we focus on at Florida Recovery Group is providing the patient with what they uniquely need, no matter who or where they come from. For some people, they carry an anxiety that, if not improved, can lead them to relapse faster. Those with social anxiety might only take social involvement to a specific level. They might only be comfortable with people they’ve known for a certain amount of time. Or they might be comfortable with virtually anyone, but only for certain periods throughout the day. There are others who feel comfortable among others in certain areas. People find themselves more comfortable in their favorite coffee shops than a place that they normally don’t enjoy being at. These conditions are not exact for everyone; this is merely a picture of how people react differently to the same kind of situation: companionship.

Walking with you outside of your Comfort Zone

No matter if you come to our Delray, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, or Palm Beach Treatment Center, all of our staff members are here to remind you that you are not alone. Your journey is our journey, and recovery is all the more real when you have the right support to welcome you outside of your comfort zone. For more information on how you can begin your recovery journey with us, please be sure to check out our service selection (PHP, IOP, OP, Medical, Trauma Track, Life Skills & Job Placement, Case Management, and Alumni Program). For information not found on our website, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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