Fear: The Hidden Influencer of Addiction

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Fear: The Hidden Influencer of Addiction

There are many things that keep us trapped in the cycle of addiction. There are the physical influences, such as the dopamine and the physical pain of withdrawals. But there are also more subtle, mental influences that we don’t realize hinder our drive to overcome addiction. That includes the element of fear. Fear is something that influences everyone’s life, regardless of struggling with addiction or not. And in order to help get past the mental barriers of addiction, we must try to understand our fears better in order to overcome them.


How it affects us through Addiction

There are many things that make us want to go back for drugs and alcohol. However, from a purely logical standpoint, these things are each capable of being overcome. It is possible to get through the pain of withdrawals with the proper help from professionals. It is possible to overcome our own lifestyle problems with the right discipline and guidance. But even if those things are possible, why don’t they seem likely to us in our darkest moments? Our reasons tend to simply be doubts that keep us from actually receiving help. These are our fears. Fear says “Yeah, but no one can be trusted.” Or, “yeah, but they won’t be able to help you. You’re too far gone.” “Yeah, but you are not strong enough.” Yeah, but…”
It is time to say enough with the “yeah, but.” That is what fear does. It makes us amateur prophets who are predicting the future without any credibility.


How we overcome Fear

In order to begin the journey to overcome addiction, we must start with overcoming our fears. In order to do so, we need a new perspective on how our fears work. This means understanding how we can practically move past them and start the recovery and overcome addiction. Florida Recovery Group’s services provide the needed treatment for your life by meeting you where you are and making the recovery process as nurturing as possible. Our therapy, guidance, and community build strong support for you to be able to move out of your old addictive lifestyle, and move on into a new, productive, and joy-filled life.

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