Fears that keep us from moving on

Young woman worried about moving on.

Fears that keep us from moving on

One of the struggles of addiction is not so much in the noticeable things. We all realize that the addictive substance is a clear problem. But there is also something that holds us back from pursuing recovery. It is often a sense of fear. That fear could be of never being happy without the substance. It could be a fear of losing relationships. The fear can be many things, but if it is what’s holding you back from seeking addiction recovery, then it is not a valid fear to have. That fear often prevents us from moving into outpatient, inpatient, or extended care treatment. Perhaps with a better analysis of these barriers, we can finally pursue the help we seek.


Fear of the loss of control

Most of the time, addiction is a Band-Aid to cover up some deeper, psychological trouble. Our trauma track program knows all about these various conditions. Whether it is some kind of anxiety, paranoia, depression, or even a delayed effect from early abuse, addiction can be a comforting release from all of those things. But the truth is that it is not. It is merely numbing the pain of the wound, rather than treating the wound itself.

The fear of those traumas crippling you is often the reason you might find it hard to seek outpatient, inpatient, or extended care treatment. But that fear is not valid. Although that wound will be exposed, it can finally be treated. Our treatment team will not abandon you. We are here to give you the support that you need in order to finally have that space to let go of the substance without losing yourself.


Fear of losing relationships

This fear can manifest in various ways. One way is that the certain friends or family members don’t know that you have a problem. You might be worried that they’ll be disappointed in you. This might be hard to believe at times, but if they truly love you, then they will only be disappointed if you don’t seek help. They want you to get better, not get worse. If they see that you are going into addiction treatment, then they will be proud of you for coming clean.

But then again, not all friends and family members are that understanding and forgiving. For those who would resent you, even if you were seeking outpatient, inpatient, or extended care treatment, you can’t let them define your life choices. This may seem harsh, but not seeking any help will be what destroys your life. For any kind of friend or family member that is directly or indirectly keeping you from pursuing recovery, it will be worth it to decide to move on. If it is wise, you can even return to them after treatment to show them how much better you are now. Health is about more than just your body. It is about how you live your life.


Fear of it never being as good as it once was

One of the biggest fears that keep us from moving beyond our old life, is the fear that our new life won’t be as satisfying as the old one. Even if we didn’t live in the best conditions before, it can seem uncertain at times if recovery will lead to a better life. But if you have to leave behind friends, family members, a job, or some kind of community, then we will make you a promise.

The promise is that you will find a much better life, restored in full once you have gotten past the addiction. We cannot make the world better for you, but we can give you the right perspective to go out into the world. Family and friends that support you will be there for you in the end. If you had to let go of any friends, then you will discover new friends that will be for your good. We help you find a new, healthier job. And no matter how hard the process may seem, after your treatment, you will be able to do what you couldn’t do before in the midst of addiction: live.

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