Finding a Job After Substance Abuse Treatment

Getting assimilated back into society after a time of addiction can be stressful. Knowing how to approach potential employers about one’s history in addiction is very important for someone in recovery to feel confident in applying for a new job in the workforce. The good news is that employers are becoming more and more open to those in recovery. What was once taboo and shoved under the carpet is becoming easier to talk about, and that includes addiction and recovery.

Those in recovery come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Addiction affects people in all walks of life, so there are people in recovery with different experiences with jobs and different histories in the work environment. A challenge for those who are leaving residential and extended care treatment facilities and trying to get a job is that it can seem difficult to explain recovery to a potential employer.

Job Search Tips for Those in Recovery

Build a Strong Resume

The resume of someone that is on the job search is going to be the first impression that an employer gets of them. One thing to remember for those that have been away at treatment is that they will need to get in contact with old employers that are willing to provide quality references. For those that are coming out of addiction, however, it can be difficult sometimes to find employers in the past few years who are willing to provide a reference, as the life of addiction is rarely accompanied by a good job performance.

An option for those in recovery who need references is to get in contact with old employers and explain their situation. Practicing making amends with someone in recovery is a great way to practice the principals of recovery.

Be Up Front with Employers

One benefit of recovery becoming more mainstream and easier to talk about is that it is easier for those on the job search to be up front with employers about their history of addiction. While it’s important to use discretion when discussing this topic on the job search, as some employers may be less excited about the idea of bringing someone in with a history of addiction. However, being up front with an employer gives the person searching for a job the opportunity to be honest about where they are at in life and also build a support network, because some employers and companies may be eager to give second chances to individuals that are trying to get another shot at life!

Part of knowing whether to open up about this information is the kind of job that is being applied for. Corporate companies may be less willing to work with someone coming out of a recovery center, but it all depends on the person interviewing.

The First Job Isn’t Always the Last One

Another potential setback for someone in recovery that is looking for a job while in a halfway house or while finishing an extended care program is the potential selection of jobs that are available. Those with college degrees that have had great jobs in the past may need to settle for a job outside their field of experience before they go back to their old career. However, this can be dealt with on an individual basis and sometimes there may be a great job out there waiting for someone in recovery! The important thing is to work hard and never burn any bridges, so that all employers are able and eager to provide good references or even give promotions when they witness the hard work ethic and integrity of those walking out a life of recovery!

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