Joining a Halfway House After Treatment in Delray Beach

If you’re suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not setting up an aftercare plan for when you leave treatment. During treatment, you’ll create a plan of action for your post-rehab life, but without dedication, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s crucial that the person leaving rehab sets up some type of plan to ensure they’ll stay on that road to recovery.

More often than not, people aren’t ready to submerge themselves back into their old routine once they’ve completed treatment which is why halfway houses and aftercare programs exist. They provide them with continued support. Although AA or NA meetings help some, there are others who need that extra level of support.

Benefits of Living in a Halfway House

  • Continued support from those who can relate to what you’re going through.
  • Kept away from outside temptations ultimately giving you more time to control and battle any urges or triggers that you may be faced with.
  • By working, volunteering, or taking classes, halfway houses and aftercare programs allow the person in recovery to apply what they’ve learned in treatment to everyday situations.
  • Ability to continue focusing on one’s recovery and handling their emotions in a safe environment surrounded by a solid support system.
  • Given a longer period of time to build a sober network.

When someone is leaving treatment, they’re at their most vulnerable. The old memories of being an addict never go away, and before they walk out those doors, all those negative memories can come flushing back. They wonder if they have enough willpower to say “no.” Loneliness can creep up on them and their old vice can seem far too tempting, but again, that’s why halfway houses and post-treatment facilities exist.

Halfway House in Delray Beach

At Florida Recovery Group, we believe that a recovering addict will submerge themselves back into society when they’re ready, and they should do it at their own pace. The more time they take to focus on their recovery after they’ve completed treatment, the better chance they have at successfully maintaining a day-to-day job and participate in everyday activities. If you’re leaving treatment and think you still need that continued support in South Florida then contact Florida Recovery Group’s Delray Beach treatment center.