How Infectious Diseases result from Addiction

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How Infectious Diseases result from Addiction

When speaking about the harms of addiction, most point out the natural results that stem from a particular substance. For instance, many opiates lead to dependency, mental issues, and even life-threatening situations. However, what about the risks that come from a life of drug use, rather than just taking the specific drug? Overcoming addiction is a real, yet complicated journey. Often enough, various addictions such as opiate addiction can result in infectious diseases such as HIV, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. Here are some ways that infectious diseases are gained through a life of drug abuse and how we at Florida Recovery Group can treat them for your renewed life.


How it happens

There are two main causes of infectious diseases through drug use. These are contaminated delivery and unsafe sex. Often unsafe sex brings infectious diseases regardless of drug use. However, the possibility of unsafe sex increases when someone is under the influence of a narcotic substance.


The second main cause is through contaminated usage of the drug. Whether it is injected, eaten, drank, or snorted, a contaminated substance always carries the possibility of carrying some form of a disease. Often times this can come through reused containers for the drug, such as bottles and syringes. One might be so under the influence of opiate addiction that they don’t even have the mental and/or physical capacity to get a proper delivery device.


It is hard to generalize this type of behavior because everyone is unique and their drug history has led him or her down many different routes in life. But no matter the cause, there is no judgment here at Florida Recovery group. We are here for you and provide the right tools in order for your get your life back again. No matter the damage (even if permanent) doesn’t mean that you cannot live a life outside of it.


How we treat it

Aside from our general drug addiction treatment, we provide special medical care for whatever physical and mental condition that you are currently in. For instance, our services include infectious disease screenings, blood-workups, psychiatric evaluations, vaccinations, and more. However, as mentioned earlier, everyone is unique. Some might be physically hurt from prolonged opiate addiction. Others might have psychological help once they realize that they have to deal with STDs. That is why our prescribed treatment programs (PHP, IOP, and OP) do not just give you basic help and then let you on your way. We understand that you need a custom-fitted program for your recovery, and that is exactly what Florida Recovery Group is here to bring. For more information on our services, please give us a call here.