Why Newly Recovering Addicts Should live in Sober Living Housing

Sober living housing is a next logical step for those that are transitioning to a sober and healthy lifestyle. Taking the recovery process in steps helps decrease the chance of a relapse or worse. Here are some reasons a halfway house in Palm Beach County or the surrounding area is a good choice in the recovery process.

1.    Constant Support

Sober living housing creates a very supportive network that recovering addicts can rely on at any time if they are struggling with emotional or physical issues related to transitioning to a sober lifestyle.

2.    Less Risk From Outside Influences

Those that attend sober living housing are not as exposed to outside influences that can encourage them to have a relapse. A clean and sober lifestyle is required of all those that live in this type of housing.

3.    Structure

Rules that provide a better schedule and structure to a recovering addict’s life make it easier to stay sober. Florida Recovery Group can help with finding a job and offers transportation to the gym and other activities.

4.    Full Clinical Services And 24 Hour Manager

Our Delray sober living homes offer residents a full array of clinical services including counseling, family support, and intervention services for those in need. A 24-hour manager is there to address the needs of residents and staff so you can rest assured that you or your loved one is getting the best care.

5.    Social Interaction And Group Activities

Recovering addicts sometimes have a hard time making new friends and finding activities to do that are part of a healthy lifestyle. Sober living housing in Boynton Beach is a good choice for those that want to gain social skills and explore new hobbies with others.

6.    Easier Transition To Sobriety

All too often addicts are treated and then essentially thrown back into their regular lifestyle. For many this makes it far too easy to fall into destructive patterns and relapse. Sometimes it is best for a recovering addict to have a total lifestyle change to break the cycle of addiction once and for all.

The Florida Recovery Group Process

At Florida Recovery Group we treat each person’s addiction individually, so there is the highest chance of success. Our recovery centers offer full support for family members and intervention services that get loved ones the help they need as quickly as possible. Contact us today and see what we can do to help. 561.330.4688!

Sober Living Homes

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