Outpatient Treatment vs. Residential Treatment

South Florida is a hub for recovery centers and for halfway houses. That means that there is a wide support network available for those that are looking to widen their support sources of those who are also in recovery. But that there are so many Delray Beach recovery centers also means that there are many people getting out of treatment who need some way to stay consistent in their lives.

Those who are in a residential treatment center or who have recently completed one may be having trouble readjusting back into life in the world. This is why it’s so important that those who are in recovery support each other. But there are also options like outpatient treatment for those who are looking to stay successful in recovery and are not needing to stay at the more structured residential recovery center. Learning the differences between residential treatment and outpatient recovery is important for those who are considering treatment and recovery.

Outpatient is an Alternative to Residential Treatment

One reason for choosing the outpatient recovery option is that it is an alternative to the residential treatment method, and is a way for those who have differing needs and levels of addiction to still receive treatment, while being able to maintain a job or still take care of family that may rely upon them. It takes quite a commitment to commit to residential treatment for a matter of weeks or months, and although that could be a wise option for some, outpatient treatment is a quality option for others.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Some may wonder, “Why go to residential treatment?” When there are quality outpatient recovery centers out there where they would be able to maintain their current rhythm of life and continue working their job, etc. It’s important to remember that those with a more intense addiction may be needing more structure and accountability, which can be found in a residential treatment program.

Community and Networking

Whether someone is attending residential treatment or is in an outpatient recovery program, it’s important to build a network of friends and supports who are in recovery as well. The more support there is around a person who is new in recovery, the more help they will have to help fight against a relapse.

Delray Sober Living

Whether someone attends a residential treatment center or completes an outpatient recovery program, sometimes spending a season in a sober living house is a good way to accumulate more time and consistency living sober. While sobriety is not all about clean time, having a matter of months or years under your belt can help build confidence and sustainability, and goes a long way to show someone that long term recovery is possible and that it can be accomplished in their life.

What to Remember

There is a lot of things to remember for someone considering outpatient and residential treatment options. It’s important to get in contact with someone that can analyze a person’s individual case and circumstances to advise what may be the best option for them, based on the severity of their addiction and the amount of structure and accountability they need.

Delray Beach, Florida is a wonderful place to walk through recovery. Florida Recovery Group provides a variety of services to those who are looking into treatment for addiction, including day/night treatment, intensive outpatient programs, and even aftercare and job placement. Florida Recovery Group wants to work with those in recovery to give them all the tools they need for long term sobriety. To get in touch with them today give them a call at 561-330-4688!