Preparing Yourself for the Transition Out of Treatment

When someone suffering with addiction first goes into treatment, the focus from day one is figuring out how to not only help them recover, but also how to help them transition back into the real world. For many the transition back home can be a perilous one if they’re not prepared for it, and if that’s the case, many will extend their stay in treatment until they firmly believe they’ll be able to stay sober.

Many who have gone into treatment look at their last day as somewhat of a graduation, and much like any school graduation, the real challenges come after. Staying sober in treatment is the easy part because the whole focus is overcoming substance abuse, but in the real world (the place where their addiction began) is full of their old temptations and triggers.

Challenges of Leaving Rehab

When you’re ready to leave your treatment center and begin your new, sober life in the real world, there are several challenges you’ll have to face and overcome. Successful transitions into the real world are reliant on the preparation done while in rehab – one of the most obvious being to identify triggers and overcome the temptation of them.

When you leave treatment, you’re leaving the comfort of knowing you’re surrounded by people who are struggling just like you once did, but once you leave, you may not necessarily have that support. There’s also the key factor that you’re going to be faced with some of the same stressors that caused you to fuel your addiction in the first place – it’s the coping mechanisms and exercises you learned while in treatment that will help you get through these moments.

How to Transition Out of Treatment

Think of someone leaving LGBTQ Treatment Center as an athlete preparing for the biggest game of their life. People have to hit their rock bottom before they enter treatment so, they know how bad it can potentially get, and they want to come out on top – they don’t want to be that lonely addict anymore. A good treatment facility – such as Florida Recovery Group – will carefully prepare them by helping them address the stressors and challenges they may face once they return home.

Many will advise that the addict not return to their actual home because that is where the addiction started. Often times, they will stay around the same general area in which they went to treatment because they can better associate that with the positive new changes in their life. If they’re not necessarily ready to enter back into the real world on their own, there are options that will keep them in touch with their treatment facility.

Need Help? Contact a Recovery Professional Today

At Florida Recovery Group, we strongly suggest that our alumni keep in contact with our staff to receive any additional support; we also host alumni group functions as well as 12 step meetings. When in treatment, you develop an extended family that is there in support of you becoming a healthy and productive individual, and being able to have that is truly something special.