What Kind of Events and Activities Do Addiction Treatment Alumni Groups Host?

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What Kind of Events and Activities Do Addiction Treatment Alumni Groups Host?

Completing an addiction treatment program is something to be proud of. Making the decision to get sober–and stay sober–can be life-changing. However, rehab doesn’t cure addiction. Many people who struggle with substance use disorder need to continue treating their addiction on a long-term basis.

There are many ways to continue treating your addiction while also growing in your recovery. Before you leave rehab, your counselor will help you identify the types of aftercare support that you can benefit from the most. One type of aftercare that virtually anyone can benefit from is an addiction treatment alumni group.

At Florida Recovery Group, we are dedicated to supporting the lifelong recovery of our alumni and their families. Our alumni program features a series of exciting special events and activities during the year to keep you connected and informed with our sober community.

What is an Alumni Group?

The word “alumni” is often used to refer to high school or college graduates who continue to connect with one another through various events and gatherings after finishing school. When it comes to addiction treatment, an alumni program is a program that connects former graduates of a treatment program. It brings together people in all stages of recovery for fellowship and peer support.

Typical Alumni Group Events

While all addiction recovery alumni programs are unique, they all have their own ways to bring former patients together in their recovery journeys. The most popular events and gatherings hosted by alumni groups include:

12-Step Meetings and Recovery Speakers

Many alumni programs have a weekly or monthly 12-Step meeting that is reserved for alumni members, friends, and family. Individuals can participate in a meeting or listen to a guest speaker to get inspiration and guidance in sobriety.


Day or weekend retreats may be organized by some alumni programs. These could include wilderness retreats and others. Retreats are a great way to step away from the stresses of everyday life and spend time connecting with other people in recovery.

Team Sport Games

Alumni groups may organize and host team sport games such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, and others. Additional team-building activities may be hosted, as well.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while also providing you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. Alumni groups may take advantage of local volunteer opportunities.

Family Events

Family support can be a valuable part of your recovery. Many alumni programs host family events or “family nights” that are meant to bring together people in recovery and their families. Family events could consist of entertainment, educational workshops, guest speakers, and more.

Networking Events

Some alumni groups host or attend networking events. Whether you are looking for a specific service or are trying to network yourself, a networking event is a great way to get your name out there when it comes to job or career-related activities.


Everyone loves a fresh meal–especially when it is paired with good company. Many alumni groups host regular cookouts or potlucks where members contribute to the meal, get together to eat or BBQ, and have a good time.

Follow-Up Care

At Florida Recovery Group, our alumni program takes it one step further by providing follow-up care. Follow-up care consists of:

  • Personal follow-up phone contact to you and your family after going to rehab here
  • Free support services
  • The opportunity to work with or become an alumni ambassador

Benefits of Alumni Group Participation After Addiction Treatment

Honest, vulnerable relationships with others are a vital part of recovery. Staying connected with other sober people will not only help you stay sober in the present moment, but it will also help you stay on the right path for years to come.

Benefits of joining an alumni program after finishing rehab include:

  • Easier transition from rehab to regular life
  • Free, continued support
  • Opportunity to learn from others
  • Opportunity to provide support to others
  • Ability to practice relapse prevention skills
  • Get feedback and support from peers
  • Connect with other people in recovery in-person
  • Form life-long sober relationships
  • Stay busy with productive, healthy activities

Recovery can be full of ups and downs, but an alumni program can provide you with the support and structure you need to achieve lifelong freedom from addiction.

Join Our Sober Community at Florida Recovery Group Today

At Florida Recovery Group, we have a commitment to helping you stay sober that extends beyond your rehab program. Our supportive alumni and sober housing communities have helped thousands of people just like you to establish a firm foundation in recovery. We invite all alumni and their families to join our alumni program and look forward to seeing them at our events.

Don’t delay getting the help you deserve. Call now to speak with a dedicated admissions coordinator about starting your recovery at Florida Recovery Group.

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