Delray Beach Sober Living Guide from FL Recovery Group

If you are new to South Florida area and are looking to become a member of the sober living community, you are in luck. Florida Recovery Group is a recovery center that specializes in helping people lead sober lives. FRG provides outpatient substance abuse treatment as well as sober living housing. Located in Delray Beach, 2 miles from the beach and 4 blocks from the heart of downtown Delray, you will find FRG’s modern sober living units. If you are looking for a good environment with structure and security you will definitely want to check out this sober living property.

Why choose Palm Beach for your Recovery Treatment?

A lot of people come down to the Palm Beach County area, mostly Delray Beach, to seek help that they are looking for. Many places offer resources to keep you sober but Florida Recovery Group goes above and beyond. At FRG, you will be able to enjoy sober living units equipped with WiFi, Netflix, Direct TV as well as full functioning Dryers and Washers, Kitchens, and spacious living and bedrooms. Another benefit to being involved in this sober living environment is the comfort you will experience from our staff. There is always someone supervising the property and making sure everything is running properly. With 24 hour video surveillance and people readily available you will never feel like you are alone.

Finding Delray Sober Living Housing

Florida Recovery Group strives to aid individuals into leading healthy sober lives along with becoming productive members of society. The great part about utilizing FRG in Delray Beach is that there are plenty of places to build a new home, start a new job, and make lifelong friends who are trying to live sober just like you! FRG helps you regain your social and life skills using some of most amazing services known. FRG offers PHP, IOP, OP, and Aftercare as some solutions to leading a better life. All of these programs offer counseling and support groups to help you face life on life’s terms and get your life back. Each of these services provide ways for you or your loved ones to keep their other commitments while still getting the help they need, like school or work.

Need Help? Contact a Recovery Professional Today

Florida Recovery Group brings sober living communities to the heart of Delray Beach. If you are looking for people your age who are trying to stay sober and live a better life, then look no further. Do yourself a favor, come down to Delray Beach, look into sober living environments offered at FL Recovery Group and start making changes for the better today!