State Passes Substance Abuse Bill To Curb Opioid Abuse

In Florida, we know all about prescription drug abuse, and we also know that heroin is the most popular alternative. After the Florida pill mill bust in 2010, millions of prescription pain pills were seized, hundreds of doctors lost their licenses, and new regulations were put on pharmacy’s and how many pills a physician can prescribe their patients.

When these doctors were giving away more than they should for cash, lines wrapped around clinics, and you could see hundreds of people with their pockets full of cash ready to get their next fix. However, after the DEA crack down, the situation has subsided, but heroin addiction is on the rise. One state that is really making an effort to curb the substance abuse of their residents is Connecticut.

Connecticut Senate Passes Opioid Bill

In a bill that was previously passed by the House, the State Senate of Connecticut has now jumped on board with approving the bill that will help in curbing prescription opioid and heroin abuse. So, what does this bill provide?

  • Access to an overdose reversing drug (naloxone) in emergency situations.
  • Continued education for practitioners, as well as new educational requirements.
  • Give pharmacists and prescribers access to patient profiles to see if their prescription is a medication they’ve previously received.
  • Education for families who have members struggling with substance abuse.

According to Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, “Not only is this allowing for us to eliminate a lifetime of punishment, but these new drug laws give people a second chance. The next goal is preventing addiction entirely, and this legislation will move towards that. It ensures that healthcare professionals are utilizing patient history to help them make smarter decisions that will help in curbing substance abuse.”

Curbing Substance Abuse in Florida

In Florida, hopefully the government can jump on board with what Connecticut is attempting to do. Substance abuse is an epidemic in this country, which is unfortunate, and with so many different factors affecting one’s potential to develop an addiction, we need to do everything we can. At Florida Recovery Group, we offer those who are willing to overcoming their addiction a supportive and sober environment where they can create their individual recovery plan that our staff will help tailor to their specific needs. Overcoming an addiction is difficult, and we’re here to help get you back on track to a healthy and reward life.